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Iron Warriors Traitor Legion Horus Heresy -
» Iron Warriors
The Horus Heresy list grew pretty rapidly from gathering a load of stuff to build a 40k force, but after the Traitor Marines codex dropped and the change to 8th, I decided to concentrate on Heresy games. (There's not much chance for me to get many games in of either, and I've been reluctant to make the jump over to 8th until I know how much of my old 7th force fits into the new list set up).

Progress updates for actually building and painting is on my project log here (which is an "all things Iron Warriors" log) >

NB: Ive never actually played a HH game, just enjoy modelling and painting them, but will probably play a game at some point Ė hopefully against some custard marines!
» Army Details
I'm building this very much on the "rule of cool" and what the Iron Warriors use in their deployments. It can probably fit into lists, but I'm not particularly bothered either way Ė there will be enough to lay siege to the best fortress of the Emperors Lapdogs!! So far, I've tried to stick to footslogging infantry, apart from if they 'deserve' a transport. Not many units are good enough to have one, life in Perturabos' legion demands the best, and only the best donít have to walk all over the place!

I have a few things that I really want to add in to my army (tanks, lots of tanks!!) to make them a fully fledged Grand Company, but I know I should really get lots more tactical squads (laaaaame!).

Pictures are forthcoming, need to sort out a photobucket alternative.
» History/Fluff
The army is based on the Iron Warriors at the start of the Heresy, and as such there isn't much change in appearance from what they had before Horus and the Emperor had a falling out. The models show some signs of 'turn' but I imagine they'd adorn tanks with the bodies of their enemies simply to instil fear and work towards a quicker resolution to the siege.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
My painting abilities are getting better as a result of a relatively straight forward scheme, but with scope for a lot of detail on each model; weathering is a technique that I'm really trying to focus on. I'm adding forgeworld shoulders to all the units that aren't tactical basic squads as I suck at freehand, and want to limit transfer use (tacs will have transfers though, and there's some good ones for vehicle markings etc that I'll scatter about.

I've added the odd spike and space marine helmet trophy here and there, tried to put extra armour on everything that I can to make it really fit into the armoured might theme. And some key squads will have a dedicated transport (such as the command squad) which will be done specifically for them.

I'm having a go with land raider conversion and magnetising and hinging doors, but its incredibly complicated Ė much more than I envisaged Ė so very slow progress.

I'm also trying to build my skills in green stuff work, and expanding into milliput, but it's not been hugely successful so far.
» HQ and Special Infantry Units
This section details the various HQ choices I've done as well as elite footsloggers and other special units (so Tyrants fit in here).

HQ Selections:

ALL OF THEM! - If there's one thing I love to do, it's kitbashing and creating unique HQ units.

Perturabo was the first IW model I bought. The model looks great I think, and I've done a normal base so I donít have to mode a massive block of resin around in games. Eventually he'll have a place in a display cabinet I plan to get.

Warsmith who will run with the command squad most likely, but I havent found a model I like to base him off. The FW one with paragon blade looks a bit prissy. I sort of want a Golg, but with a massive hammer and shoulder mounted melta and servo arm.

Command squad in Tartaros Terminator Armour

Primus Medicae one of the most complicated moseld I made, about a week before the friggin' official version came out. (Mines better though). Based on a plastic cataphracti terminator, with bits from the bitsbox. He looks awesome!

Siege Breaker armed with a gigantic fearsome chainsword and combi-volkite. This guy is the FW event praetor with headswap and weapon switch.

Forge Lord based on the Iron Hands Iron Father model, but with some alterations and bits added.

Erasmus Golg (still WIP) is based on the FW Typhon model, but with all the Death Guard stuff stripped away and a chainfist added.

Master of Signal kitbashed because I donít really like the FW official one. I used bits from various kits to give him screens he can view and coordinate deployment communications and positions for Big Daddy P.

Narik Dreygur was one of the few models I really liked the lore and model, so when he came up for cheap on a trading site, I snapped him up. He'll be run as per rules, but I cant tell whether he can ONLY be in Loyalist armies or not. The army is based just at the turn of the Heresy, so I can imagine he hasn't yet been betrayed by the pesky Hydra!

Vigilator is a kitbashed chap with parts from third party, the deathwatch box, all sorts. I see him joining the recon trench squad in the forlorn hope or alternatively seekers if I ever get those.

Moritat with twin volkite, because he looks badass! PEW PEW PEW!!


In every other army I've done, I've always filled these slots with all sorts of things. With the Iron Warriors, its pretty easy really.

Thudd guns. I got six of them, just to be "That Guy". And no, I donít care. Nor do the Stor-Bezashk.

Tyrants. Ten of them. With the Siege Breaker to footslog up the board and kill stuff. Fuck you and everything in your general direction.

Terminators; this is one that I am actually stuck with. I really want to keep lots of cataphractii with chainfists and power fists, but think I should put some power weapons in there as well, just so I donít loose initiative in combat. I donít particularly like tartaros pattern (although my command squad is in that pattern), and I'm planning on eventually putting them all in land raiders so I think I'm just going to stick with cataphractii pattern and have a squad of 10 with power fists/chain fists and a squad of 5 with power weapons (probably axes and mauls).

Veterans; one squad for tank popping with meltas, one for infantry squishing with heavy bolters (and shrapnel bolts!).

Techmarines; three of them with full squads of servitors. One which will probably run in the breachers in the Storm Eagle, one with rad launchers and servitors to suit, and one with servo harness and flamer servitors to be a backline/artillery repair duty.

Apothecaries; I have four to slot in wherever because I see them as being a stable part of any siege army. At least just to reclaim geneseed.
» Troops and General Infantry
This section details the general troop choices and the few fast attack infantry units I want to include. Currently no one has a jump pack, as I cant decide which variant to use; the FW ones look cool, but the GW twin jet ones would be good to include, plus I've got about 15 of those spare already!

Compulsory Choices:

On the troops side, I've decided that I'm going to go for typical barebones full 20-man squads with a vox (everyone in Perturabos army gets radio comms to call in artillery support!). I clocked them in at 275 points and using Fury of the legion, rocks out 80 shots per unit if the squad can use rapid fire.... GET SOME!! I'll take a minimum of 2 to take up my compulsory units.

I've also got a 10-man breacher squad that will be boltered up with magnetised dude for the special weapons slot, and probably a thunder hammer for the Sgt, but thatís not decided yet. These guys are still on the sprue at the moment so I've got some time to think.

Although the assault squad isn't particularly fluffy for Iron Warrirors, I think I'd like to include some, just because I see them working in tandem with recon spotters, artillery and breachers. (Spot the weakness, shell it to oblivion, then storm the walls with footsloggers and a simultaneous assault at the top to sow confusion among defenders.)

Non-Compulsory Slots:

I really like the rules and lore around volkite; it seems so grimdark!! I'll take a squad of 10 please.

Also, there'll be a squads of 5 in plasma, melta and flamer because reasons.

Where I'm really stuck is recon squads. Rules-wise, they seem pretty good; power armour, vox links etc, but sniper rifles and shotgun options. I envisage a squad of snipers with vox pin pointing artillery targets and taking out key command units, and a squad of close assault teams with shotguns and bolt pistols & trench clubs etc to act as the forlorn hope while the breachers turn up.

Fast Attack:

Aside from the Storm Eagle or Sentry Guns, I donít really see the point in Iron Warriors having many of the units in this section. I may get some seekers eventually, but I'm not certain.
» Vehicles
I've separated out vehicles as I think they deserve their own section in an iron warriors army! So far, there's a fair few that are either complete, or at least purchased ready to build, and everything that I have is cleaned and prepped ready to assemble.


So far I've got two contemptors done, ready to assemble, and two boxnaughts ready to prime. I've found that converting and kitbashing these guys is dead easy due to the size and humanoid stature.

The contemptors are armed with melta/chainfist and autocannon/powerfist, while the boxnaughts are armed with flamestorm/siegedrill and lascannon/powerfist. I really fancy doing a dual assault cannon contemptor based on the Death Guard one as I like the central grille on the front, and a boxnaught with a twin missile launcher based on the FW one, as I saw a conversion online which looked awesome!

Battle Tanks:

The Typhon is complete with heavy bolter sponsons and a pretty decent paint job, but needs weathering.

The Knight is complete apart from the weapon arms, but probably needs some weathering as well.

There are two Land Raider Phobos patterns ready to make; one will be for a Terminator Command Squad, and the other will be for a unit of Cataphractii with power weapons (or possibly breachers).

There's a predator in the making, but I have three rhino chassis and cant decide if I should give them all turrets or mix in some actual transport. I'm happy to magnetise turret weapons, but not swap between being transport or tank (I've not found a tutorial that I'm happy using and make it look effective). I'm leaning towards just having one predator, with a conversion beamer and heavy bolters as a back line destroyer, which frees up two rhinos for vet units or others who've 'earned' a seat in a transport.

(I really want to get a GW baneblade kit and make a Tormentor conversion, for reasons!)


In the loft are a Fire Raptor and Storm Eagle which have been sat there since I cleaned them up a year ago, but will be my biggest and most complicated kits ever built, so they're a bit daunting!

I really want to make my vehicles useable for both 30k and 40k games, and look suitably 'Traitor', but not with too much chaos iconography.
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