The Chapter of the Unspeaking (and allies)

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1. The Chapter of the Unspeaking (and allies)
Army Name Race Game System Points
The Chapter of the Unspeaking (and allies) Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40k 7270
» The Chapter of the Unspeaking (and allies)
I have separated this section into each Legion that I have, so far being Word Bearers, Death Guard, Thousand Sons, and Emperor's Children.

Word Bearers


Lorgar (Daemon Prince)
235 Points

Erebus (Dark Apostle)
190 Points

Kor Phaeron (Chaos Lord)
127 Points

Zardu Layak (Sorcerer)
170 Points

Kor Segron (Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour)
180 Points

Kol Badar (Chaos Lord in Cataphractii Armour)
152 Points

Tebbad (Chaos Lord on Bike)
130 Points

Beílakor, The Dark Master
350 Points

Anathrax the Foetid (Daemon Prince)
180 Points

Kharnobog (Daemon Prince)
180 Points

Míkar the Thriceborn
255 Points


Ushmetar Kaul (Cultists)
65 Points

Ushmetar Kaul (Cultists)
55 Points

Coterie of the Tainted Blade (Chaos Space Marines)
175 Points

Coterie of the Flayed Hand (Chaos Space Marines)
157 Points

Coterie of the Horned Assailant (Chaos Space Marines)
205 Points


100 Points

120 Points

Mhara Gal (Chaos Contemptor Dreadnaught)
205 Points

Chaos Contemptor Dreadnaught
245 Points

160 Points

Gal Vorbak (Possessed)
130 Points

Nurgle Rotbringers (Possessed)
130 Points

Tzaangors (Possessed)
130 Points

Vakrah Jal (Chosen)
205 Points

Kor Segronís Anointed (Terminators)
247 Points

Kor Phaeronís Anointed (Cataphractii Terminators)
212 Points

Fast Attack

The Ashen Circle (Raptors)
145 Points

145 Points

170 Points

170 Points

Chaos Spawn
32 Points

Heavy Support

Chaos Land Raider
230 Points

Havocs (4 Missile Launchers)
145 Points

Havocs (4 Autocannons)
125 Points

Lords of War

Khorne Lord of Skulls
1013 Points

Daemon Knight Paladin
405 Points


7270 Points
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So my Chaos Space Marine army is primarily Word Bearers from the Chapter of the Unspeaking, and they are led by Zardu Layak the Crimson Apostle. I also have small allied contingents of Emperor's Children, Death Guard, and Thousand Sons which I plan on expanding to a decently sized force of each of the chaos gods. I rarely update my project log with photos of stuff as my camera/lighting is pretty terrible, but I might invest in a light box in the near future so this may cease to be a problem.
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I think that the main thing that sets my Chaos Space Marine army apart from others is that I base the vast majority of my armour patterns from the heresy era, as I find it highly unlikely that an elite legion such as the word bearers would need to change armour in the time since the horus heresy. This is represented by using plastic Mk. IV space marines as the base of my chaos space marines, and adding corruption/battle damage from there. But despite having heresy era armour, I have chosen to paint them in full post heresy colours (so no black shoulder pads).
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