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» Worldeaters Dark Eldar
Wyches finished and Lelith 90% done, pics to follow.
Ravager and raider built just need to paint em up.
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Small force made up of: archon, Lielth hesperax 5 incubi, 20warriors, 10wyches, 2 raiders and a ravager.
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jbone's Avatar
05/09/2011 12:56
Looks good! Keep up the good work and please post more pics!
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Minizke1's Avatar
03/18/2011 22:19
Hot damn. Those are some sexy mini's, and I don't even like Dark Eldar.
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Shag's Avatar
02/16/2011 23:37
Nice colors, very sexy darkish armor. The contrast of colors really make the weapons stand out.
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