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Hello all of you!
I'm proud to present you my Witchers army. I'll post the finished stuff here, and I'll open a project log for the things I'm working on right now.

If you wanna read more about the background of my army, just click this link

C&C is welcome as always!

This here is my full army at the moment

To start all of this, here are my converted bikers!

These are my devastators, as you can see the squad is only half completed, but I'll buy the 5 others as soon as I can!!

PS: Is there a "spoiler" option or anything comparable? because I still have a lot of pictures, and I don't want that people have to scroll all the way down everytime
PS n2: Sorry for the bad quality of the images, I only have an iPhone 4 to take pictures at the moment, so the quality isn't so great. I therefore apologize, and I'll do my best do find something better to tae my pictures with.
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