2nd Armanian main fleet

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Tash'var Cadre
Army Name Race Game System Points
2nd Armanian main fleet Imperial navy Battlefleet gothic 3000
» 2nd Armanian main fleet
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Armanian second fleet, 3000pts.

LD-9 Admiral+2 re-rolls 175pts.
Emperor class Battlship 365pts (still to purchase)

Jovian class Battlecruiser 240pts
Armageddon class Battlecruiser 245pts
Mars class Battlecruiser+matrix upgrade 285pts

Lunar class Cruiser 180pts
Tyrant class Cruiser+weapon battery upgrade 195pts
Dominator class Cruiser 190pts
Gothic class Cruiser 180pts
Dictator class Cruiser 220pts
2xDauntless class Light Cruiser 220pts

3xCobra class Destroyers 90pts
3xCobra class Destroyers 90pts
2xSword class Frigates+2xFirestorm class Frigates 150pts
2xSword class Frigates+2xFirestorm class Frigates 150pts

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jaysen's Avatar
10/18/2011 06:26
How did you get those cannon turrets so detailed?
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jaysen's Avatar
07/22/2011 03:43
Very nice fleet! I've got a BFG Blood Angels fleet somewhere in my office. I'm gonna have to dig it out when I get home and start painting. +Like!
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zrolimit's Avatar
03/12/2011 13:57
they are superbly painted ships Stella! youve inspired me to do my Dark Angel fleet. hope to see more BFG ships from you soon.

best regards

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Stella Cadente's Avatar
03/12/2011 06:25
army of the week?, how the hell did I get that with THESE things...weird
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Doelago's Avatar
03/08/2011 16:58
That was amazing.

The ships were more detailed than I had ever imagined, and your amzing paint job made them look absolutely awesome.
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