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Shadow Corps Space Marine Warhammer 40k -
» Shadow Corps
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This was my first army. Not sure how many points it is because I generally just pull what I need when I need it. I normally use White Scars chapter tactics, but have been known to use them as Iron Hands and as my Greenwing/Ravenwing for Dark Angels.

I'd say 80% of this army was bought used, primed over, and repainted. I can't take credit for building too much of it. I have snapped an arm off here, glued a gun on there, but generally only build models when I really need one or two and can't justify buying another used army lot to assimilate into the Corps. I still have tons of models waiting to be sprayed over like my collection of Landspeeders.
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  • Techmarine, servitors, and additional attack bikes.
  • A decent view of the resin Las/Plas.
  • The chaplain, apoth, and a "Khan" made of spare parts.
  • My very unused LRC
  • MSU Tac squads with melta and las/plas razorbacks.
  • Two assault squads with flamers for the Gladius.
  • Two assault squads that have collected a bit of dust.
  • The two Dev squads set up for the Gladius.
  • The full Corps
  • Thunderfires primed and ready. Alternate Las/Plas razors in the background.
  • My two Whirlwinds with resin missile pods.
  • Two magnetized Preds. One more waiting to be painted.
  • The flyers. All talons have magnetized weapons
  • 4x Ironclads, 2x Venerables, and 2x Vindicator
  • The Scouts - 3 squads: CC, Snipers, and Shotguns.
  • My bikes/ravenwing
  • The bulk of my Gladius Strike Force
  • My kitbashed bike MotF.
  • The kitbashed bike techie.
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