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Venom Guard Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40k 2000
» Venom Guard
The PLOG for the Venom Guard can be found here.

Currently working on: Vagamemnon the Defiler
The rotatable upper torso is complete. The walker legs are mostly done with some minimal touch ups needed, but I still need to do quite a bit of work on his lower torso.

Next up: 3x Chaos Sorcerers (the Serpentis Coven)
» Army Details
The normal, 2000 point list I run with:

The Champion, Bociphus (Kharn the Betrayer)
-- 165 pts

Squad Finarius (Chaos Space Marines x 10)
- Aspiring Champion with Power Fist
- Icon of Chaos Glory
- 2x melta
- Rhino with Havoc Launcher
-- 255 pts

Squad Bravvick (Khorne Berserkers x 9)
- Skull Champion with Power Fist
- Rhino
-- 269 pts

Squad Paelleoth (Khorne Berserkers x10)
- Skull Champion with Power Fist
- Rhino
-- 290 pts

Squad Phagram (Plague Marines x 7)
- Plasmagun x2
-- 191 pts

Fast Attack
Squad Anderan (Raptors x 5)
- Icon of Chaos Glory
- Meltagun x2
-- 150 pts

Squad Zecharias (Raptors x5)
- Icon of Chaos Glory
- Meltagun x2
-- 150 pts

Heavy Support
Grathagullok the Butcher (Defiler)
- No heavy flamer/extra CCW
-- 150 pts

Vagamemnon (Defiler)
-- 150 pts

Cult of Heziriah (Obliterator Cult x3)
-- 225 pts
» History/Fluff
The Venom Guard 2000 pt list doesn't begin to plunge into their real might. Some mentionables are:

The Wrathful - Warband leader

Team Venenifer - Terminators

Squad Pegerian - Chaos Space Marines

Squad Arko - Chaos Space Marines

Squad Hypakrian - Chaos Space Marines

Squad Eudeves - Noise Marines

Cult of Heziriah - More oblits

Squad Phaecias - Thousand Sons

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death_monger101's Avatar
08/31/2013 02:53
Kit-bashed oblits=nice
Champ/kharn the betrayer=very nice
jump pack raptors=snazzy
squad hypakrian fantasy conversions= amazing

The awesomeness is everywhere, this is a very cool army, hoping to see even more :D
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Boc's Avatar
02/15/2011 19:01
Thanks gents!

@Mossy - Aye, the squads are all set up according to my fluff, so they tend to have different numbers in the pictures/actuality than I run with. I tend not to run the raptor champs unless I'm doing Apoc and just have points to blow haha.
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Mossy Toes's Avatar
02/15/2011 16:45
Lovverly kitbashed Oblits--remind me of my own work, they do.

I can't help but notice that many of these pictures have more squad members than the unit entry...but that's better, I suppose, than having less!
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Kaiden's Avatar
02/15/2011 10:22
Really nice work mate. I especially like the conversion work on the obliterators.
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