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1. Eyes of the Damned
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Eyes of the Damned Chaos Space Marines Warhammer 40k 3500
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This is my main army. Like everyone else it is still a work in progress. Some stuff I bought painted like the old marines and the bikes some stuff I painted over like Kharn and the dreadnaugt.The rhino's need some work still. Somehow I have lost my bitz somewhere... two of the rhinoes started out as older predators you see. I'll need to get some more pics of the regualar CSM that are in the ruins. They are really what I am most proud of. I used some Warhammer fantasy weapons and made some I think pretty cool conversions. Terminators are magnetized as well as the daemon prince.
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LukeValantine's Avatar
04/14/2011 15:51
Nice start hoping your aren't going to leave the stuff unpainted though?
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Shag's Avatar
02/16/2011 22:31
haha thanks bud. I was working on them. They were predators and I just found the pieces. Good suggestion though so I may keep something open
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Mossy Toes's Avatar
02/15/2011 16:52
I quite like the open-topped rhinos (whether or not that's intentional)!
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