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This is the beginning of my Blood Angel force consisting of :-

Astorath the Grim = 165

Captain Karlaen = 160

Mephiston = 175

5 x Sanguinary Guard (3x Angelus Boltgun 1x inferno pistol 1x plasma pistol 3x Excarmine sword 2x Excarmine axe 1x chapter banner) = 210

Cassor the damned ( death company Dreadnought 1x Blood talon with built in meltagun 1x Blood talon with built in storm bolter, Magna-grapple, searchlight) = 140

Raphen's death company ( 5 man assault squad with jump packs, frag + krak grenades, Raphen has bolt pistol and thunder hammer, 1x marine w/ bolt pistol + power fist, 1x marine w/ bolt pistol + power sword, 1x marine w/ inferno pistol + chainsword, 1x marine w/ bolt pistol +chainsword ) = 210

Squad Alphaeus ( 5 man terminator Squad- Alphaeus has storm bolter + power sword 1x terminator w/ heavy flamer + power fist, 1x terminator w/ storm bolter + chain fist, 2x terminator w/ storm bolter + power fist ) = 215

1 x stormtalon gunship (twin-linked assault cannon, typhoon missile launcher) = 130

will add painting guides as i do them further down the page
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sanguinary guard
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Haskanael's Avatar
09/15/2015 10:47
I like what I am seeing , you are a skilled painter and the stormtalon base is very neatly done! I also love how your astorath the grim turned out
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Moriouce's Avatar
09/15/2015 09:38
Very nice painting, as far as it goes. Hope to see this army grow!
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