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Blood Angels 2nd Company Adeptus Astartes Warhammer 40k -
» Blood Angels 2nd Company
Reclusiarch with Jump pack

Assault Squad Powersword, Meltagun, Flamer

Tactical Squad: Powerfist,Stormbolter, Meltagun, Lasercannon. Rhino

Tactical Squad: Powerfist, Meltagun, Lasercannon.

Baal Predator Assault Cannon
Baal Predator Assault Cannon
Baal Predator Flamestorm Cannon
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I have collected Blood Angels since Space Hulk 1st edition was released. But it was not until The Assault on Black Reach that i started gaming with the army. And that required that i got it all organised. So i selected the 2nd company to be the core of the army. But all the other units that are available for the armylist stand ready. That results in my armylists not being the most cheesy ones around, as i often try out new units. That may affect the win/loose ratio, but that does not matter, as the fluff and modelling is the most important to me.
» History/Fluff
Assault Marines 2 full squads
Tactical Marines
Scouts 1, 5 man sniper-squad, 1, 5 man bolter-squad
Death Company 26 pcs
Death Company Dreadnought 2 pcs
» Modelling and Conversion Information
Sanguinary Guard 5 pcs
Terminator Squad Standard 4 psc
Terminator Squad Lightning Claws 1 psc

Baal Predator Assault Cannon
Baal Predator Assault Cannon
Baal Predator Flamestorm Cannon
» Dedicated transports
Drop Pod 2 pcs
Land Raider 3 pcs
Rhino 2 pcs
Razorback 1 pcs
» Heavy
Whirlwind x3
Dreadnoughts MultiMelta Powerfist
Dreadnoughts Lascannon
Devastator Squad
Stormraven Gunship
» HQ
Captain Tycho
Astorath the Travelling Undertaker
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JAMOB's Avatar
04/24/2012 20:50
Looks nice Thought I was the only one who used a reclusiarch...
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jaysen's Avatar
10/16/2011 05:05
How has the 1250 list faired in competition?
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LukeValantine's Avatar
10/04/2011 21:48
Good work so far although that storm raven need more tlc.
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Bane_of_Kings's Avatar
09/11/2011 15:19
pretty awesome work there .
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jaysen's Avatar
07/13/2011 01:27
Love the weathering on the DC drop pod. I haven't used many death company without jump packs, but am thinking about going back to it with the increased points cost. How have they worked out for you?
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