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Eldar - PICS Eldar Warhammer 40k 2500
» Eldar - PICS

My name is Ty and I am the founding member of my club WW40k - Australia.

We can be found at www.ww40k.com

This army belongs to my wife - she has asked me to post it up for you to enjoy.

"I have loved the Eldar figures and their great depth and detail for years including the fact that they bright and bubbly paint jobs go well on them too . I have always wanted to collect an Eldar army and seeing as though Ty has close to ten different armies; I felt it was my turn to add to the collection. I started my Eldar army at the start of the year and I have over 2000 points painted and about 1000 points left to go.

My favourite miniatures are my Harlequins (Which is funny as they are not painted but still on the work bench. This is the first army I have painted all myself. I have had fun doing it but it has taken a great deal of time and wine and the crawl up the steep learning curve. The colour theory and techniques that Ty has helped me learn has allowed my skill to grow and through this the ability to give a consistent quality of paint job throughout the entire army. I have only been able to play a few games with my army as it is still a working progress , but have had fun none-the-less. As I have only played Daemons, Eldar is a lot different and I am still learning how to use them. I love that
the war walkers can take down whole squads of troops with the help from the nearby Farseers."


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My wife's second army
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02/25/2012 01:48
Very nice work Tamara!
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KBelleau's Avatar
02/17/2012 14:10
Great looking army. I like the color scheme.
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06/24/2011 15:08
Great paint but what craftworld are they?
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Bane_of_Kings's Avatar
04/23/2011 15:08
Nice, some awesome painting skills there .
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