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13th Company - PICS Space Wolves Warhammer 40k 2500
» 13th Company - PICS

My name is Ty and I am the founding member of my club WW40k - Australia.

We can be found at www.ww40k.com

Here is one of my many completed armies.

Let me set the scene.

Late night about November 2009, I find myself rustling around in my bitz tub (Yes it’s a huge tub not a box like most people) looking for inspiration. Low and behold I find one of the old Space Wolf Upgrade sprues from the original army box set. Then the penny drops, I have some of the Wulfen models stuffed in a box guarded by the hordes of spiders and ungodly creatures that live in my garage. I race out their narrowly avoiding the jumping and barking clutches of the two Chaos warhounds that have decided my yard is their home feeding grounds and make it into the garage. After fumbling for the light switch and illuminating the room, the search was on.

It was at this point that I had my second light bulb of the evening, I remembered that in my garage I also had a box of old Chaos Marine parts too. After collecting the loot I disappeared back inside to go through the goodies. Like Homer Simpson I have a short attention span, so the next time this idea came to fruition was at the release of the new Wolves a few months later, and after seeing Eddie’s (A good club mate of mine) Wolves come along at a rapid rate I decided to get on the band wagon.

My wagon was on a different track however. I decided to go ahead with the 13th Company so that I could make use of all the leftover Chaos parts I had and do a heap of kit bashing. In short it worked!

I gave myself some self imposed restrictions to try and keep some fluff in the army. After doing some homework by reading the old Eye of Terror Codex again, I decided to make sure that these simple rules where followed. Grey Hunters (Slayers), Long Fangs, Characters and actual Puppies only, with the maximum use of Marks of the Wulfen, for which I would use the metal Wulfen models. With that I mind I made my list. I decided after playing with them that I really needed some mobility so I convinced myself that Pods were okay (They have to arrive from their ship somehow – and we all know Wolves hate Teleporting) and added some Terminators coz the models looked to cool to pass up.

I have had some great victories with this army and even in defeat, have caused much carnage to the enemy. I can see these lads getting runs on the table far into the future.

Hope you like them!


Cheers and Good gaming!
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Space Wolves - 13th Company themed army using current Codex with self imposed restrictions.
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jaysen's Avatar
10/18/2011 06:08
I built a whole army once out of the old chaos space marine and space wolf boxsets. I think I liked them better than the new ones. The most recent are just so inflexible.
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Baal_Cestral's Avatar
09/14/2011 15:42
I'm glad to see someone else agree with me on how the thirteenth company should look.
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08/23/2011 16:16
Great job painting! As a relatively new Space Wolves player myself I find your conversion work to be first-rate. I haven't done any conversions but I have used a left over base, the squatting legs of a Devastator kit (5 standing, one squatting), a left over torso, and the missile launcher arms (and a spare head) to make a 6th Long Fang. Again, great job.
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777swappamag777's Avatar
07/15/2011 23:23
i love the wolf lord with a uge choppa
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Sephyr's Avatar
06/22/2011 12:05
Very creative work and use of chaos bits!
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LukeValantine's Avatar
06/08/2011 12:56
13th company ftw!
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Bane_of_Kings's Avatar
04/23/2011 15:08
Fantastic work, not a big fan of 13th Company normally but this looks awesome .
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