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White Scars - PICS Space Marines Warhammer 40k 2000
» White Scars - PICS

My name is Ty and I am the founding member of my club WW40k - Australia.

We can be found at www.ww40k.com

Here is one of my many completed armies.

I am the first person to whinge and whine about the amount of Power Armoured armies that grace the battlefield all the while longing to face up against something more alien... Then I discovered bikes

The White Scars army before you where the cause of my own dive back into the Power Armoured fray. Mobility is the name of the game here and mobility is one thing this army has ample of. Based around a large choice of Troop choices thanks to the bike squads count as scoring thanks to the Space Marine Captain on bike and the Tactical units that deploy by drop pods, this army is able to throw out numerous distractions in order to attempt to force the enemy to commit is normally slower units into a location of my choosing ready to receive a payload of Pods backed up by a pain in the back side Dreadnaught to add even more weight to the head ache!

I have had some good fun with this army both in friendly games and in the tournament setting, and even as I type this am feeling the call again to crack them out of their case and once again take them to the battlefield. The painting of this army I must admit was not a walk in the park as all of us hobbyist know that white paint is the devil! Then I discovered mud and weathering powders, wow; they really do cover up all the mistakes, while giving a touch of realism to the models themselves.

There are plans to increase this army by a few more infantry squads to fill the empty spaces in their army case. At the moment I am working on a Thunder hammer wielding Captain to assist the Tactical Squads on the Drop in and am going to convert the small combat squad that you can see mounted in the Rhino APC to use them as Sternguard to allow me to go big bug hunting.


Cheers and Good gaming!
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White Scars - Bike Mounted
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death_monger101's Avatar
08/30/2013 19:29
Scenic backdrop for the win! awesome work here, hope your looking forward to the 6th ed codex ;) OMFG its coming out tomorrow :D:D:D:D:D:D
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jaysen's Avatar
11/07/2011 05:28
Nice WS army and great pics!
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Bane_of_Kings's Avatar
04/23/2011 15:07
Wow, that's fantastic .
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quaz4's Avatar
02/20/2011 00:30
nice work, i always wanted a white scars company
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