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1. Damphyrs
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Damphyrs Space Marine Warhammer 40k -
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Fabious Bile having stole the vile of blood of Sanguineous, under took a task of creating a new gene seed. After many failures he created a successful model. He implanted the Gene within captured Blood Angels, Angels Encarmine and a Flesh Tearer. Of the five the Angel Encarmine died. Three Blood Angels fell to Chaos. The Flesh Tearer fell to the black rage. All resisted yet in the end months of torture and mental assault the gene seed broke them and Damphyrs were born.
Fabious Continued capturing Blood Angels and their successors over a course of several years until a full fifty battle brotehrs were sworn to Chaos. The warband set out and began to exspand and raid Imperial worlds, sowing carnage, distrupting shipping and when able joining the fighting with other sons of Sanguineous and taking prisoners or simply gene seed of the fallen. With these Geen seed they would take new followers from ravaged worlds.
» Army Details
Blood Angel Codex used to play a fallen BA army.
» History/Fluff
No Chapter is emmune to the lure of chaos and whispers of the warp, as the Damphyrs search the galaxy for blood and new members some have come to them.
Sanguinary Priest Arthgallo of the Knights of Blood.
Arthgallo left the Chapter after they were excommunicated, feeling that none of the other Scions of Sanguineous had supported the chapter. He came across the Damphyrs when they attacked his shuttle. He declared loyalty to the dark gods and became a Blood Priest for the fledgling renegades.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
The Damphyrs have ravaged Nimbora II an Agri world which feeds a near by Forge world on Nimbra Prime, the Space wolves failed to repel the Damphyrs who have taken the planet s their own. As the imperium musteres for a protracted campaign other Chaos forces enter the system like sharks to a blood trail.
» Current models
Sanguinor: Complete
Tycho: Complete
Capt: Complete

Sang Guard: WIP
Carbulo: Complete
Sang priest 1: Complete
Sang Priest 2: Complete

Death Comapny: 9 Complete
Tactical Sqaud: 10 Complete
Assault Sqd: 5 Complete
Tactical squad: 5 Built

Fast Atack:
Biker: x3 Complete
DP: Complete
Razorback: WIP
Land Raider: Built
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Soul Grinder's Avatar
07/22/2012 09:25
Ah well, i like the sound of this army, however im a purist, i do not want my loyal chapter to join chaos, as tempting as it is
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Warlord_Winters's Avatar
07/05/2012 18:14
could the Sanguinor be fallen as well?
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Medic Marine's Avatar
02/24/2012 15:48
It suposed to be deamon bound to a marine for the battle, a blessing of the chaos gods for the battle. Not the actual Sanguinor.
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jaysen's Avatar
10/18/2011 07:20
Interesting. You think the Sanguinor would continue to aid a fallen chapter?
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