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1. 1st Vaughton Regiment - Vaughtons chosen
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1st Vaughton Regiment - Vaughtons chosen human Warhammer 40k 500
» 1st Vaughton Regiment - Vaughtons chosen
Vaughton is a small planet situated safely on a quiet border of the imperium, two small continents are all that exist as liveable land other than thousands of rocky outcrops. The rest is vast ocean, this creates lots of wet weather and storms, much, it turns out, to the benefit to the imperium. The land contains many rich minerals that can be used in making many various metals of various strengths for the vast requirements of the imperium war machine. However due to Vaughton being on the outskirts it has been blessed with very little overpopulation and avoided vast industrial sectors being built. Instead the humble population that originally settled there lives a very 21st style of living. All housing is individual, with some larger multi level sectors but even these are rarely higher than six stories. The distance is not the only factor in the harmonious nature of Vaughton, the skill in filterkng through the minerals to create to create the various metals cannot be easily engineered. Instead, relying on prospector style seeking and then filtering through the layers of the rich muds. Vaughton (or as the population call themselves Vaughtoners) are a hard working and contented people, whatever the demand from the imperium they never fail, this in itself has secured a quiet and harmonious living for the planet. But that, at one point, was nearly bought to a terrifying end...

The Beginning ...

After 50 years of being an established planet and colony, Vaughton had created a good reputation in the eyes of the imperium. As such they had been given arms and munitions to field their own PDF, numbering 50 personel strong. The duties included watching check points to the entrances on the three towns and the capital city, and manning the anti-orbital defense platforms. Every now and then space marines from the Imperial Fists and Mordian Imperial Forces would drop off to check, and if necessary add training, other than that the force did a sound job.

The lord of Vaughton, Edward, orginally hailed from Mordia. But had become increasingly depressed and withdrawn from the life he had. So when the offer came to invest his wealth in assisting in colonising a new planet he jumped at the chance. Lord Edward had become increasing concerned to his planets lack of defence however, and contacted other members of his family back in Mordia to come live with him and bring their own guard. Lady Elizabeth answered his call, much to the disgust of the wealthy families of Mordia that Elizabeth would want to, they agreed (after a heafty price) and took her own guard of soliders and the rest of the family to Vaughton ...

Captian Rhodes and Lieutenant Brightwell had always see to it that they served the Lady Elizabeth with honor and selflessness, Rhodes men, 135 Mordians, trained extensively and had fought in many uprisings and rebellions, some as bloody and brutal as any other war torn planet. But the daily grind had taken it's toll, and they too were over joyed to live on this planet of new adventure and promise.

The Great Sacrifice ...

Not long after Elizabeth had joined with Edward and reuniting all the family together on Vaughton, reports had started to come in of the PDF losing men on the far distant watch bunkers scattered far from the three towns and city (the continents had not been fully explored and discovery of something new was still possible) as such, Captian Rhodes and Lieutenant Brightwell ordered Sergeant Hicks to take his squad to the last reported incident, just outside the furthest point of Sudbury, Hicks had served for 30 years, and was the best of the best, ruthless but kind... as they watched him leaving they never knew neither would never see Hicks or his men again.
Days later more reports came in, of war cries in the night, attacks from savage creatures, and loss of more men. Fear was starting to sweep through the civilization. Rhodes, still in mourning for Hicks and his men, finally reported to Lord Edward that the only solution for these guerlla tactics would be to march the entire combined force of his and the PDF to the enermy. Edward agreed, although reluctantly and both desided to call for help from Mordia and their space marines co-founders imperial fists.
The following morning Rhodes and Brightwell mounted up in there designated Chimeras and, followed by one hundread mordiand and firty PDF plus the only Leman russ they had. Heae3d towards the sight of so much carnage.
It wasnt long, it was like the enemy knew that the actions they took would cause the force to react this way. Orks, thousands of them, if not more. But these where the savage Orks, ferocious muscular beasts. They apparently had lived on this planet since beforenthe humans andnwanted itn back.
The combined Vaughton army spread out in a defence line, well executed and efficient, even the PDF did well. Within seconds one hundred forty men plus the three tanks had formed a defence of two lines, all weapons primed, the red uniforms proudly glowing in the sun. The Orks couldnt contain themselves, and the warboss gave the order. A swarm of green surged forward, some mounted on wild boar type creatures others firingnthe poorly equipped shootas and sluggas they had in the haste to fight. The imperial forces responded with volley after volley of hatefull disiplined fire.
The battle went on for hours against a seemingly endless tide of green, men and ammunition where running low. Three times the army had fallen back against the green hordes, Brightwell had been badly wounded, carried to a medi point by two of his guard, ninety seven men had died or been wounded, Rhodes had lost all three tanks, each making a great sacrifice in the name of the emperor. He knew that allies had to arrive soon... but when? He swallowed hard, and lookeed at his men bracing for the final charge. It was time for one last bit of inspiration, "men of Vaughton, this is it, this is to be our moment, our time to be put in the books of the imperium. No longer are we a security force...WE ARE GUARDSMEN, and we will rip thos Orks to shreds, so help me, they will not pass untilni am ripped to pieces... WHO IS WITH ME??!!" The exhausted men roared in agreement, and prepared themselves for the last stand. Some had nothing more than bayonets, but stood with grim purpose and determination, awaiting death.

The Arrival...
As the soldiers stood, ready to die for each other and their families, watching the orks charge ever close, the air seemed calm. Orks here and there started to falter and some even turned tail running away from the charge. Rhodes watched warily, chuffing on the last cigar he had, but and doubts he had soon lifted. As thunderhawk gunships and Valkyrie dropships hurtled through the sky, the imperial fists and mordia guardsmen had arrived!!! The vaughton soldiers fell in to a rejoicing bloodlust and charged intothe frey.

sine that fateful day, the planet Vaughton has become a recognised army within the imperium and has been given the full astra militarium rights and titles. The planet is now home to three regiments, 1st Vaughton regiment, 2nd Vaughton regiment and the 3rd regiment is Vaughtons territorial part-time army, used mainly for planetary defence whilst the otherregiments are engaged in wars with the xenos and chaos scum. Each regiment consists of four hundred infantry and five groups of three tanks. Each regiment has a mighty malcador tank as super heavy. Along with fivehundred support and logistical staff, each trained in basic infantry skill.

Lord Edward and his niece Lady Elizabeth are the state figureheads of Vaughton, ruling and leading the contry to prosperity along with supporting the might of the imperium. Rhodes and Brightwell although being offered promotion, declined, wanting to fight with there men. Instead they have been given honourary titles, Rhodes is now first lord Captain of Vaughton and overall comander, whilst Brightwell is regimental lieutenant.
Most surviving troops of the war went on to become veterans, sergeants, stormtroopers and various other roles. Hicks son went on to become the regimental standard bearer.
» Army Details
This is to become the first founded regiment of the planet vaughton, I plan on having a healthy mix of infantry and tanks. But my army is going to have an older look to it, I want them to be armed with weapons that look older than recent issue equipment and tanks... the malcador from forgeworld is to be a main force in my army. The look is to represent the newness of the recently founded force, I imagine the imperium giving older equipment to new regiments to prove their worth in battle. The infantry will be geared towards anti infantry with a few tank busting weapons, wheras the tanks will be anti armour duty. All the while mortars and long range tanks will fire from a distance. Read on for the backround material of Vaughton...
» History/Fluff
Captain Rhodes- At the age of 57 Rhodes isno spring chicken, however combined with a fiery spirit and various health benefitting drugs and treatments from the medicae servitors he has the ability and strength of a far younger, larger male. Veteran of many conflicts back at his born planet of Mordia, he signed up at the age of 16, and over 10years progressed quickly through the ranks. A fan of swordsmanship he soon mastered the sword, using history and various martial schools to progress. When given the option of moving with his leige lord and friend to the new planet of Vaugton he jumped at the chance, wanting to prove his worth and to break the tedium of his stagnated routine on mordia. He furiously wants each of his troopers to stand accountedfor in the great halls of remeberence, as he loves his regiments so. "They will be wheeling me out to battle on a sickbed at the age of a thousand before I retire!!"

Lieutenant Brightwell- A focused, textbook soldier and friend to Rhodes. At the age of 40 he has plenty more years service ahead and plans to serve for all his life. But promotion doesnt interest him, hence his rank being renamed to give him more leadership than standard but no more. He joined after a hard upbringing in the slums of mordia, starting at 21, he has redeemed his family with his good service, and relishes the 'real soldiery' that Vaughton brings, he has adopted the nickname 'sicknote' as in nearly all major battles he has been injured, but he carries it with good humour. "Every time I am wounded, it just proves one thing.... I fight better than any of you gretchin lovers".

Sgt Hicks- one of the few veteran nco's to be first taken in serious conflict after playing a serious role in the re-organisation of the new standing army of Vaughton. Hicks was a sturdy powerful man, slight of build but very strong, with a vast knoledge of history. He was proud of what was to become of Vaughton, and when he and his men had been dispatched to investigate the initial trouble he relished the mission. All citizens came to know that he, and his team hadbeen overwhelmed but not without a good fight. Sgt hicks died of multiple wounds in the line of duty age,38... he will be missed.

Regimental Sgt hicks (junior) - a corporal before the ork army engagement. Only 18 years of age and relativley new to warfare, he stood firm and resolute with the last able bodied men, for the last defence, shouting encouragement to all his brothers in arms. Since then he was promoted to regimntal Sgt in honour of his efforts and his fathers, he carries the regiment standard, and has become a key figure in the organisation of vaughtons increasing forces. A trooper to watch for the future...
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Yeah I agree, they have a unique look that seems futuristic yet classic. Thank you, im adding more soon, ratlings, leman russ. Oh yeah haha
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Solid start! Mother Iron Guard is so much like the Imperial Guard I envision. More so than the mainstay cadians.
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