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hive fleet blackmoon nids Warhammer 40k 6000
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will be on as I have it
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It is a large army that typicaly goes to origins and fights the big apoc game there as a whole,but everything else it is sent as splinter fleets.
includes about 9 fexes 4 plastic one resin trygons and a ridicolus amount of other stuff. also a brand new barbed heirodule
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as above
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normaly go green base coat, a badmoon yellow back striped with black. No jokes about bumble bees allowed
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there is a tyranofexe and a carnafex with lash whips. I plan on making a heirophant biotitan from scratch and am planning on posting pics here when done.
I am making tons of meictics and am helping run games day chicago
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enormas eggs of doom. drop bastions. heirophant eggs all coming soon to the tyrinid hive fleet Blackmoon
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08/20/2014 14:27
That is one impressive force! Any progress on thats bio-titan? You could need to wash the whole army cause it is very bright at the moment.
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06/13/2011 14:16
Ooooh, I really wanted to joke about bumble bees
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