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Asphodel 115th Traitor Guard Warhammer 40k -
» Asphodel 115th
+++ Asphodel 115th (1999pts) +++

* Primaris Psyker Lvl 2

+ HQ +

* Company Command Squad
* Company Commander
* Veteran w/ Lasgun
* 2x Veteran w/ Sniper Rifle

*Lord Commissar
* Plasma Pistol

+ Elites +

* Ratlings x8

+ Troops +

* Infantry Platoon

4x * Infantry Squad
* 7x Guardsman
* Heavy Bolter Team

* Platoon Command Squad
* Autocannon Team

* Veterans
* Chimera
Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter,
* Grenadiers
* Veteran w/ Heavy Flamer
* 2x Veteran w/ Meltagun

* Veterans
* Chimera
Heavy Bolter, Heavy Bolter,
* Grenadiers
* Veteran Sergeant
* 2x Veteran w/ Plasma Gun

* Veterans
* Forward Sentries
* Veteran Lascannon Team

+ Fast Attack +

2x * Vendetta Squadron
1x * Vendetta
2x Twin-linked Lascannons

+ Heavy Support +

* Deathstrike
Heavy Bolter

Leman Russ
* Battle Tank
2x Multi-meltas, Extra Armour , Heavy Bolter,

Leman Russ
* Executioner
2x Plasma Cannons , Extra Armour , Lascannon ,
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The Asphodel 115th has forsaken the Imperium and the Emperor. Collecting other renegades and pirates in their travels they replenish their numbers. Their Goal? To move across the Imperium and 'liberate' other Imperial and Tau held human worlds.; showing them the Freedom they can achieve when they embrace the power, joy, and sensations that Slaanesh can bring them. And to go on an Eldar hunt when that opportunity shows itself.

The have now been join by a band of Emperor's Children. With them and the addition of thier new Baneblade, Imperial Ruination, They have started assuating Small Astrates outposts and other Imperium Worlds.

Pictures of unit can be found here:
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Ordos Heriticus Report
Topic: Rogue Astra Militarum Unit

To the Lord Inquisitor;

It is with great regret and shame that I am sending this report. Four standard years ago we receive a call for help from Tarterus, an agriworld which supplies well over half the foodstuffs in its sector. They were under attack from a splinter group of Hive Fleet Behemoth. Within 6 months the following companies were dispatch to answer this threat:

1) Cadian 302nd Armor Division
2) Cadian 104th Artillery Division
3) Cadian 56th Artillery Division
4) Asphodel 27th Drop Division
5) Asphodel 115th Mobile Infantry
6) Asphodel 97th Infantry Division
7) Asphodel 33rd Infantry Division
8) Asphodel 23rd Armor Division

Within a year we manage to not only secure untaken ground but even manage to push back the Tyranid scourge, or so it appeared. The Imperium Naval Forces had already successfully wiped the orbital threat, but while known at the time this world was once a thriving hive planet reduced to a feral world before its rediscovering five thousand years ago; it was unknown however that the hive cities were still present beneath the surface of the planet and the Tyranids had started moving into using the thousands of miles of cities, its remaining tunnels, and the unknown population of fauna and other biomass that dwelled there to spread far past our battle lines. By the time it was noticed the main command center the Lady General and her remaining command staff had already been devoured. Quickly the command elements of the Cadian 302nd stepped-up and assumed control and established in points of defenses temporally halt the Tyranid advance. After do this the they ordered the Asphodel 115th Mobile Infantry below ground and report on the extensiveness of the underground cities.

Belowground they reported that the living ecosystem below would provide enough biomass to triple, if not more than, the number of the current Tyranids forces. And defense of underground and aboveground territory was not possible with the current forces available. One bit of info retrieved that showed promise was that one of the fusion/geothermic power stations was still active.
Upon hearing this an Inquisitor from the Ordos Xenos came up with the plan to destroy the underground threat and secure the surface. After a series of orbital scans it was shown that a total of 12 such power stations were active. The theory was that a detonation at one would cause a chain reaction resulting in the cleansing of the entire underground hive system. Within the day the Asphodel 97th, 33rd, and 23rd were ordered to the eastern edge of the main continent (The 115th were still on the western side and communication had been lost) there they dug in and kepted tyranid forces occupied while the 27th Drop Division dropped behind the enemy lines and proceeded down into the hive ruins to destroy the power station. After three days of fighting Cadian forces were in route via shuttles to the main continent to assist the Asphodel. At that time we received word from what was left of the 27th that they had arrived at the target and were ready to detonate (at the cost of their own lives). The 115th had finally reach near the surface a spot to send out a communiqué to cease the operation claiming that the explosion would destroy everything above and below citing that they were even more, deeper power stations that would amplify the blast. After being told that this new information would be taken under advisement Lord Commissar Tyson came onto the vox and re-issued the request as an order the following is an extract of the conversation:

Orbital Command Vox Operator (OCVO): We have received your report and have decided to proceed. The Red Robes up here says that an explosion you described extremely was unlikely.

Tyson: Listen here son those Emperor damned cog boys don't have the full Intel, our cog boys do!! Now cancel the operation before you kill everyone down here and before I have to reaffirm my point which each finger of my powerfist right upside your skull!!

OCVO: Sir! I'm sorry but I am just giving the message from.....

Inquisitor: Commissar Tyson this is the will of the Emperor that you are protesting. This operation will continue with or without your permission. And I assure you after all of this you will be on trial for treason. {in the background} Order the detonation.

Tyson: You insane bastard, if this is his will then damn the Emperor and damn you all!!

The vox signal was disconnected at this point.

The first explosion was massive, covering the northern half of the continent enveloping and destroying all of the Asphodel 97th, 33rd and 23rd. minutes passed and another explosion occurred then another and another. They slowly spread south and west, from orbit it looking like vein of fire spreading out, when a hive city was reach another blossom of flame and devastation grew. In an hour all of the continent was in flame, and all voxes and vox signals in orbit and on the surface, were jammed for 6 hours after due to the blasts.

When forces went down to survey the losses all units were accounted for save for the 115th. After the jamming subsided, reports came in that 6 large shuttles had left the surface from the western shore and docked with in one of the cruisers, His Guiding Light. The reports were of life pods full of survivors being recovered and claiming that Imperium soldiers were charging out of the shuttles and seized His Guiding Light. Once the bridge was taken the servitor portion of the crew turn on them and assisted in the purging of all loyal members aboard the ship. Witness's claim that the mutiny was led by a man that matched Lord Commissar Tyson's description. As the report came in His Guiding Light's auspex identification signal changed its designation to His Dying Light and proceeded to slip into the warp.

It is my belief that Lord Commissar Tyson manage to take what was left of the 115th off planet just before the explosion reach his location and in retaliation hijacked His Guiding Light and left system. Since then His Guiding Light has been spotted in a number of system attacking other ships taking its cargo, crew and at times the ships themselves.
This belief has been proven true when and Imperial Fleet upon arriving at Haddercun (a minor world not yet large enough to provide the tithe) received and open vox signal, Claiming the Lord Tyson and the 115th Asphodel thanks them for their donations. Two orbiting stations destroyed, four major cities in ruins, and the PDF were all but wiped out. They had attacked and raided the Militarum weapons depot that was kept there. Located there were a number of Deathstrike launchers, Leman Russ Executioners, Chimeras, and parts to replace and repair them all.

In conclusion,

I issue EXCOMMUNICATES TRAITORIS upon the former Lord Commissar Tyson and upon the surviving elements of the 115th Asphodel Mobile Infantry.

His Most Faithful Servant,

Inquisitor Jonah Tiberius Medea
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09/08/2014 14:02
Hay hay, great story I realy enjoyed that, commisar tyson is a great character!!!
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07/29/2014 01:55
Excellent stuff mate, that painting is magnificent and the fluff is satisfyingly heretical.
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