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Da Blitz Brigade Ork Warhammer 40k 2105
» Da Blitz Brigade

KFF Big Mek.

» Army Details
Goff Clan based army.

The Aim:
To build this army up for games of Apocalypse against my brothers tank heavy Guard. The main thing is to build lots of wagonz rather than paint tons o Gitz.
I also want to build a lot of the old Epic minis in 40k scale.

The Justification:

None really, it's a one fat excuse to build lots of tanky gubbinz and not have to paint too many ork boyz.

The Reality:
Started to get some basic stuff together and painted for normal 40k games, which means more boyz.
With the other half starting Nids I suddenly find myself looking for mo Dakka!

You can see more on how some of these bitz o gubbinz were hammered together in my Project Log.
Da Blitz Brigade Plog.

Tutorials from the making of this Army.

Ork Re-Breathers (Gas Masks).
Making Styrene Plasticard Cylinders.
» History/Fluff
Ard Boyz

Truck Mob
» Modelling and Conversion Information
» Fast Attack
Bike Mob (Red Toofs Ryderz)

Bowelburna 1(Currently pretending to be a Skorcha).

BowelBurna 2

» Heavy support
Looted Wagon 1

Looted Wagon 2

Looted Wagon 3

Killa Kans

Zzap Gunz
» Transports
Battlewagon 1

Battlewagon 2

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jaysen's Avatar
10/18/2011 07:13
Nice ork army!
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Viscount Vash's Avatar
09/05/2011 14:00
Even I can't remember what the muzzle was made from now lol.

Some of the Apocalypse stuff will boost the points up when I get it painted.

But unfortunately building two lists worth of stuff that I can play against Your Guard and Tinkerbells Tyranids is taking some time and has to come first.
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wertypop's Avatar
08/31/2011 05:58
Loving this bro and I will look forward to when you have the same pts to match my 4000+ IG.
I nice to see the muzzel of the looted wagon 2 I wonder if anyone knows what it is?
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Viscount Vash's Avatar
08/26/2011 19:27
Most of the stuff is just plastic card and tube.

Some of it is explained in my Plog.
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cpt.Octavian's Avatar
08/22/2011 22:15
great orks that mega boss is epic where do you find all these parts
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C'Tan Chimera's Avatar
08/01/2011 10:38
That Bowelburna. I want it so much.
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WeeDawgNYC's Avatar
07/09/2011 03:04
Very clean work (for Orks)..lol
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Druid's Avatar
05/24/2011 06:53
The Mega Boss is just so epic, i thought it was Ghazgull at first tho XD
nice work!
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ChaosDefilerofUlthuan's Avatar
05/21/2011 07:24
That megaboss could easily be Ghazgull
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TheReverend's Avatar
05/17/2011 15:55
I love the Bowelburna! haha
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Viscount Vash's Avatar
05/13/2011 16:22
Cheers for all the comments folks.

I have written up a quick tutorial on the mud which can be found HERE
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Jubble's Avatar
04/02/2011 18:19
Lovely battle wagons
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Minizke1's Avatar
03/18/2011 22:29
Holy damn.

I thought my uncle's orks were good. The Ork Boyz are even awesome! Good stuff, sir!
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aboytervigon's Avatar
02/24/2011 13:56

its supercalafragilisticespialadocious.
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Doelago's Avatar
02/22/2011 15:43
Holy cow, those Orks were pretty damn amazing!
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Kreuger's Avatar
02/14/2011 12:31
Wow. These tanks and buggies are what they had in mind when they coined the term "Orky".
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HorusReborn's Avatar
02/11/2011 13:42
vash, I really dig these conversions and updates! That tank is full of character! I also like how you did the mud on the deff rolla, care to share?
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