Dragonsons (Salamanders Successors)

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1. Dragonsons (Salamanders Successors)
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Dragonsons (Salamanders Successors) Space Marines Warhammer 40k 1850
» Dragonsons (Salamanders Successors)

Vulkan He'Stan
Master of The Forge


Multi-Melta Dreadnought w/ Drop Pod
Multi-Melta Dreadnought w/ Drop Pod
10 Sternguard Veterands w/ Combi-Meltaguns + Drop Pod


10 Tactical Marines w/ Drop Pod
10 Tactical Marines w/ Drop Pod
10 Tactical Marines

Fast Attack


Heavy Support

Plasma Cannon Dreadnought
Plasma Cannon Dreadnought
Plasma Cannon Dreadnought
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These are my current favorite models I've painted to date. I consider the paint scheme to be very simple, yet of a high standard, and the colors themselves are rather unique. The metallic green is something I've never seen on the tabletop before, so I thought I'd give it a go, as well as adding some freehand flames to have a force that is as unique as the army list itself.

As of right now, the army is painted up to 500 points, with 2000 points being the eventual goal and stopping point of the army. It is a dreadnought/drop pod "alpha strike" list designed to cripple the enemy from turn one removing any and all high threat units before that unit has a chance to make it's points back.

Due to the high usage of drop pods, the success of the alpha strike is unpredictable and the army is VERY high risk, though the payoff is usually equally high. Tons of fun to play, though most players don't appreciate the list too much.
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  • Wa'ren - First Dreadnought
  • Master of The Forge
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