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1. Cadian 713th
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Cadian 713th Imperial Guard Warhammer 40k 7000
» Cadian 713th
founded 140.M41
First major engagement: Abaddon the Despoiler's 12th Black Crusade, Defence of Kasr Abelardus. The 713th were raised by Lord Hectar Von Luetan in response to the Administratum's demands to replenish the needs of the Guard's stoic defence of the Kasr. Unconventional methods were used to fulfill the needs and Von Luetan himself ordered the calling up of children younger than 14 (8 yrs of age) to form up conscript squads. These conscripts were thrown into action and stemmed the flow of Chaos cultists into the Kasr. It seemed that Von Luetan had succeeded in his action however, Chaos is never a predictable entity and the World Eaters attached to the cultists unleashed themselves and their Defilers to spill blood for their fell god. All hope was lost at this point and Von Luetan prayed for a sign. The Emperor, in his beneficience bestowed Von Luetan a blessing which has been enscribed in the halls of mighty Kasr Abelardus for all eternity. A beleagured Mechanized division was making a fighting withdrawl when they came across the 713th. Knowing that their efforts to destroy the transports at another beach head was a failed one, they threw themselves to the defense of the Kasr. Mighty Leman Russes and Sentinels rolled down the avenues, bringing the thunderous might of the Emperor Himself upon these fell creatures. Vast holes were blown in the ranks of the Archenemy and the assault on the Guard faltered and was cauterized by the guns of the 322nd Armoured Brigade.

After the exploits of Abaddon had failed on Cadia the Grand Army of Cadia had lost much of it's regimental might. The exploits of Von Luetan's 713th and the 322nd, who were leaderless did not go unnoticed by the administratum. When stability was returned to the system, the 322nd was attached to the 713th and remain so to this day.

Cadian 322nd Armoured Brigade

Cadian VIII Veteran attachment

Cadian 488th Escodrille
» Army Details
I love the Guard. To me the stories of normal humans facing abnormal odds has always been something of a treasure. The Imperial Guard is the embodiment of this. I started this army when the new Codex came out and well... it's become an obsession. Space Marnies come and go, are emotionless and can be just plain ol' boring. I hope with this "Parade" you'll see my obsession in it's rawest form. Here's the Game list that I've got, I'll spare you the monotonous points listing

Company Command, vox, medic, melta, standard, Chimera Transport
Commissariat entourage. 8 Commissars various loadouts, Commissar Yarrick, Lord Commissar
Ursakar Creed and Kell
Regimental Advisors: Master of Ordinance, Astropath, Master of Fleet.

The Lord's Own Heavy Foot
Platoon Command Squad, vox, medic, melta, standard
Squad 1-5

Duchess Von Vichy's light Brigade
Platoon Command Squad, vox, medic, grenade launcher, standard
Squads 1-5

The "Neverborn" Rough Riders
5 Rough Riders

Cadian VIII Veteran Squads
1st Squad Vox, plasma, melta, plasma, autocannon
2nd Squad Vox, sniper, sniper, flamer, lascannon
3rd Squad Vox, flamer, flamer Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter

Kasrkin Stormtroopers flamer, grenade launcher

Armoured Sentinel 3rd detachment
Plasma cannons

Ratling Snipers X 5

322nd Armourd Brigade
2 Vanquishers Knight Commander Pask comes to our aid if necessary!
1 Leman Russ Demolisher
2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks
3 Leman Russ Executioners
1 Leman Russ Punisher
1 Manticore

488th Escodrille
3 Valkyries
» History/Fluff
You'll never see a defeat!!! The Imperium demands no less!


Feb. 12, 2011: 2000 pt game against the Tau. This was my first encounter with them and I decided to leave the infantry aboard the troop carriers and call forth the armour. I tabled the Tau force in 5 turns and really was worried that the armour was a bad choice knowing Tau tech was pretty nasty... My Manticore Missle Launcher blew up his hammer heads and all fire warrior supporting them, this really was the VIP of the game. I lost Pask and two Executioners, one Sentinel, my Leman Russ blew itself up with the wind sent the shell back ontop of it LOL... I took some unnecessary risks. One Veteran squad ran off the table due to casualties when the Vakyrie carrying it crashed. The Kasrkin deep striked onto the table and went along his table edge from one side of the table to the other assaulting one 16 strong kroot squad, 3 fire warrior squads, a pathfinder squad and a drone squad I lost only 4 Kasrkin the entire game. The Lord Commissar ate Commander Shadow Sun for dinner and compared the meat to that of Grox.
» Modelling and Conversion Information
here is the infantry/command of the Cadian 713th at a glance!

» 322nd Armoured Brigade
The armour of the 322nd Armoured Brigade

the off coloured tank was retrofitted by the tech adepts to have the ability to swap main armaments and sponson weapons. The sponsons can even be removed if the combat conditions require it!

Artillery support for the Brigade

There is a major need for the Tech Priests to work on my Picter so I cannot finish taking Picts of His glorious Army.
» 488th Escodrille
3 Valkyries fitted with multiple Rocket Pods.
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Moriouce's Avatar
06/04/2014 02:26
This is some fantastic work! Love the rough riders!
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Brother Dextus's Avatar
02/01/2013 03:25
Excellent IG army!
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HorusReborn's Avatar
06/20/2012 21:20
Thanks alot guys for the kind words! ALOT of love went into this army thats for sure. Glad you like it!
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Iraqiel's Avatar
06/19/2012 11:35
Fantastic Army, wish I had as much forgeworld thrown in the mix with mine. Also wish I could paint the depth and detail into mine that you have, though perhaps that will come with time...
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DoctorNecrosis's Avatar
06/17/2012 15:21
Stunning work
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hardluck57's Avatar
03/22/2012 13:12
Wow. Great looking IG army. Extremely well painted, too.
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01/28/2012 16:46
Well painted, with a refreshingly original colour scheme!
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arizonajirt's Avatar
11/13/2011 19:50
Great Army. I love it.
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HorusReborn's Avatar
09/07/2011 17:53
Thanks all for taking the time to look at my army! Though it's been a long time since the models have seen the light of day.
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chaos_warrior_marine's Avatar
07/28/2011 12:20
Love the paintjob! ^^
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WeeDawgNYC's Avatar
07/09/2011 03:08
GREAT WORK!! & thanks for the support & comments on my armies.
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WeeDawgNYC's Avatar
07/09/2011 03:07
GREAT WORK!! & thanks for the support & comments on my armies.
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Kaiden's Avatar
05/30/2011 15:30
Great army
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Npf6's Avatar
04/06/2011 15:58
Great army. Love the Valk!
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sphere830's Avatar
03/05/2011 15:37
Beautiful army, very inspiring indeed.
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Zodd's Avatar
02/15/2011 16:32
That's a very impressive army. All those details and the painting. Gorgeous. And lots of tanks. Couldn't be better.
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warchirf's Avatar
02/14/2011 03:26
good job ^^d i like the stories youve attached to them, gives the images more character and history ^^ i likes!!! (i was tihnking of converting my rough riders to cold ones too ^_^ horses dont seen...futoristic somehow lol)
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Flindo's Avatar
02/12/2011 13:03
lotsa tanks, thats the Cadian way!
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HorusReborn's Avatar
02/10/2011 20:17
thank you all for taking the time to read and look at my army! I'm glad I can be of any inspiration to anyone! Like I said, I love the Guard, and my love was poured out onto each model! Don't forget to rate my army too!!
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Burzum's Avatar
02/10/2011 15:52
You Sir are an inspiration for new hobbiests like myself
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