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1. Hive Fleet Pyrusta
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Hive Fleet Pyrusta Tyranid Warhammer 40k -
» Hive Fleet Pyrusta
The Imperium of Man beware! A growing threat has arisen.
Found to prefer swamp and heavily vegetated prey worlds but not above scouring any poor souls that fall in the path of such devouring. This Hive fleet is most recognized by the swarms of small agile creatures scuttling through more difficult terrain as easily as if it were even flat ground. The carapace a dark black with almost glowing purple edges and bright toxic green exoskeletons would make this fleet easily spotted if not for their almost super natural use of the over grown and mutated foliage to conceal their where abouts till it is too late for their victims.
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My growing army. Tyranid are my only and favorite army choice. I started the game about 2 and a half years ago. Here I will be posting as I complete models and units. Right off the bat I want to say how I love to convert and build my models more then paint them so it may take time between updates.

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2011- 5W/4L/0T
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Warrior Hive Guard

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Baal_Cestral's Avatar
09/22/2011 19:14
I do like hive guard conversions, but it makes me wonder why you wouldn't convert you tryant
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cpt.Octavian's Avatar
08/23/2011 16:35
i like that color scheme it is crazy and fun
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wombat_tree's Avatar
06/18/2011 00:13
That Hive Tyrant is beautifully painted, do you have any troops to show?
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ChaosDefilerofUlthuan's Avatar
06/11/2011 07:01
Lovely painting.
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Whamhammer's Avatar
05/04/2011 05:41
Woah, cool color scheme ive never seen nids painted like that
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