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» Reaper's Scythe
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A Nurgle force with some Khorne allies thrown in. Will go into more detail when I have time.
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jaysen's Avatar
10/26/2011 00:35
This looks like my friend, Todd's army. This isn't Todd is it?
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cpt.Octavian's Avatar
08/24/2011 14:39
great job you obviously put a lot of work into this army great daemon prince
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777swappamag777's Avatar
07/15/2011 18:40
this armys lg
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jaysen's Avatar
07/13/2011 02:12
Nice. Good to see converting is still alive.
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ChaosDefilerofUlthuan's Avatar
05/15/2011 15:22
Are you sure that your opening phrase isn't copied cause I've seen that an awful load before, valentine.
You sto.e my idea of nurgle + khorne but otherwise excellent conversions. Never used greenstuff in my life !
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Bushido's Avatar
02/23/2011 02:33
@ Luke Valentine, haha thanks really appreciate the effort. Yes I must say that the stomach on the termie didn't work out the way I had planned it, it just doesn't look natural.

@ everyone, yes I do love my prince definitely my favorite model.
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LukeValantine's Avatar
02/19/2011 05:03
Recently have been wondering why people have not been giving more comments to peoples armies, so I have set out to comment on peoples armies in order to validate all the time they have spent building said armies.

Nice prince, I also when with the defiler battle mask look, although I went with the skull mask, however the stomach on the terminator lord looks a little out of place.
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Shag's Avatar
02/18/2011 15:52
I find the idea of a nurgle terminator with lightning claws interesting. I really like your Deamon Prince.
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