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Leviticus squad aka "Gulliman's Disciples'' is a tactical squad of veterans led by a veteran sergeant Commodus who is known for leading his combat squad into the breach, and holding positions that would otherwise be inconsolable. Commodus and his combat squad of loyal marines are readily known as unorthodox for their very gritty appearance, and otherwise strange operations in which the commanders of the ultramarines dispatch the disciples. They receive missions of the utmost fragile situations, and fringe areas of allowable conduct within the codex astartes, the missions that only they can be trusted with. Leviticus has been known to go weeks without ever receiving reinforcements, supplies, or even communication with headquarters. Being in the thick of it Commodus leaves little time to his veteran brothers for detailing or repairing their armor, and the squad believes the battle damaged appearance stands as testament to his holiness' iron will.
In total contrast to their veteran brothers, the members of Demi-squad Leviticus aka "Helios" and nicknamed Delta, for their flawless victory in the river valley delta of m.1056 against the seemingly endless waves of Ork greenskins. The members of Delta are constantly under extreme scrutiny from squad leader Lucian of Calth. His methodology is in conjunction with the codex astartes in that all of the veterans in Delta are required to constantly keep their armor in tip top shape, and the chapters colors in even more immaculate condition. Lucian has been known to court Marshall any member of Delta that is not in consistent compliance with his rigid interpretation of the codex astartes. Needless to say this complete juxtaposition of ideology has led to an intense rivalry between the two combat squads of Leviticus. Competition to take the highest honors and most daring and dangerous missions fuels the fire that makes Leviticus such and effective fighting force.
The disciples as nicknamed are one of the oldest founded tactical squads since the obliteration of the entire first company in mccrages polar fortress under the assault of hive fleet behemoth. However Lucian and his Delta squad as so nicknamed are a recent addition to Leviticus. Under the direct request from Commodus to lord Marneus Calgar himself.
Commodus and Lucian had served together when they were in 5th company together, upon assaulting a chaos controlled world in the drop pod ''asylum''. Obsidian squad was ordered to hold Tamerlan square until reinforcements could arrive. The troop held the square valiantly but Lucian was wounded whilst attempting to prove his combat skills; he broke away from the squad to get a clean shot on an unknown chaos leader, when he was struck down by a daemon prince that materialized through the warp. It was Commodus who valiantly stormed through enemy fire to meet the beast face to face, armed with his bolter and courage he fell the tainted form with a brilliant tactical slide through the deamons legs and in a flash behind the beast, ascending up his spine. Atop the shoulders of the beast he fired clearing a hole in the warped armor and outer black carapace, with a blast of dark magic his face was burned; he knelt and grabbed hold of the opening pulling himself toward the creature. With a final coup de grace before being flung from the xenos to the ground he released a grenade into the hole he blew on the demon princes armor.
Laying aside Lucian, Commodus and he had a moment of glory as they stared back at one another their thought was the same. "A glorious death in the name of the emperor''. They looked up at the daemon prince who was about to strike the killing blow through Commodus' breastplate. He began to thrust down to finish the brave sergeant off when the grenade detonated. The only explanation for the delay in the explosion was a holy contract between the emperor and his first two disciples (still under internal investigation, by the inquisition).
The destruction of the daemon prince after such an expertly executed move by Commodus inspired the brothers of the 5thncompany to storm to the aid of their brothers.
Words of praise came from his subjects of 5th company but Commodus ordered the troops to silence themselves and attend to Lucian. Just then a blast through the constant fizz of the com ''come in Obsidian, this is Orbital Command. Reinforcements inbound. Eta 2 mins''.
Because tactical squad obsidian of 5th company was out of contact with orbital command during the time of the said attack by the demon prince, the encounter was never fully recognized as ever occurring; as decided by a board assigned to the incident reference number e.135286458989. And Commodus was never officially given credit for slaying such a powerful foe by said board of the inquisition, however, the lord of McCragge took note of sworn statements by the brothers of 5th company's obsidian squad, and upon hearing Commodus was refused his accommodations, he took it upon himself to personally see to it that he would be promoted not only to first company, but also instantly to the rank of veteran sergeant in full control of his own squad, and answering only to the highest ranking commanders within the ultramarines, and being held in such high esteem by Calgar it isn't uncommon for Commodus to be called into chambers far beyond where most veteran sergeants could even legally be by terms laid out on the codex astartes because of the unorthodoxy of it. Yet another way Gulliman's Apostles are considered holy hands of the primarch himself, and therefor do not fall under the same standards and expectations of the inquisition.
Commodus remained on the battle field in spite of recommendations by 5th company's apothecary to return to orbital to receive medical treatment. He refused and pressed on leading 5th company through a valiant purge of the city of Hithael, a major achievement and crucial landing zone for the space marines to receive supplies and reinforcements to take the planet from the clutches of the warp.
It is for this reason Lucian remains ever loyal to Commodus and why upon his promotion to first company, after his demonstration of tactical brilliance in the perfect victories during the Phaleo III campaigns, he eagerly accepted his orders to be assigned to Commodus' Leviticus squad.
The two have such a close bond that Commodus will in nearly all situations give complete command of Demi-squad Leviticus to Lucian, because of all of the members of Gulliman disciples, Lucian is the one Commodus can always count on, he is a brilliant tactician that has learned over the years to critique himself and refine his battle iq, where Commodus is fabled and beloved through stories of his mighty victories, a true embodiment of the will of the emperor.
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