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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Army Logo Tash'var Cadre Tau furyion Warhammer 40k 12865 N/A 28-05-2013
Army Logo Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marine Legion The Wraithlord Warhammer 40k 11696 4.8235294117647 06-02-2011
Army Logo Astartes Lions Rampant Space Marines The Son of Horus Warhammer 40k 11592 4.7727272727273 02-04-2014
121st Cadian Imperial Guard Lord Solaar Warhammer 40k 10422 N/A 20-04-2011
Army Logo Salamanders 3rd Company Space Marines Varakir Warhammer 40k 9797 N/A 30-04-2014
Dark Mechanicus Mechanicum Whitehorn Warhammer 40k 8803 N/A 08-02-2011
Army Logo Unforgiven302's Red Corsairs Chaos Space Marine Unforgiven302 Warhammer 40k 8602 4.5 29-08-2012
Chaos Warhorde (updated December 2013) Chaos Kreuger Warhammer 40k 8196 N/A 03-12-2013
Army Logo Nordicus' Chaos Space Marines Chaos Space Marines Nordicus Warhammer 40k 8053 N/A 21-06-2016
Army Logo Ulthwe Eldar Strike Force Eldar Harbinger of the Forge Warhammer 40k 7389 N/A 04-06-2014
Army Logo Soul Drinkers, First Company Space Marines Axys Warhammer 40k 7347 N/A 03-03-2011
Army Logo The Fighting Tigers of Veda Space Marines Stephen_Newman Warhammer 40k 7211 N/A 26-03-2012
Army Logo Bjorn Stormwolf's Great Company Space Wolves TheReverend Warhammer 40k 7193 N/A 15-01-2012
Army Logo Black Templars Barbarossa Crusade Black Templars mad matt Warhammer 40k 7167 N/A 03-07-2011
Blood Angels Chapter Blood Angels Crimson Shadow Warhammer 40k 6913 N/A 11-10-2011
Army Logo Lipstick & Laser Guns Pretty Marines WeeDawgNYC Warhammer 40k 6862 4.6296296296296 10-02-2011
Army Logo Space Wolves Imperium Chaotic_Frontier Warhammer 40k 6377 N/A 25-06-2011
Army Logo Kreuger's Dark Legion (Pics!) Dark Legion Kreuger Warzone 6372 N/A 14-02-2011
Army Logo 13th Company - PICS Space Wolves Poomba Warhammer 40k 6132 N/A 16-02-2011
Army Logo Jezlads Example Army Example Race Jezlad Jezhammer 6105 4.5714285714286 05-03-2011

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