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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Army Logo Quase's Epic Armies Space Wolves, Nurgle Space Marines and Orks Quase Epic Armageddon 3091 N/A 28-03-2011
Army Logo Chaos Fleet Chaos Vanquisher Battlefleet Gothic 3721 N/A 29-02-2012
Army Logo Imperial Fleet Empire Vanquisher Battlefleet Gothic 2931 N/A 29-02-2012
Army Logo 5th Krug Imperial Guard Keen4e Warhammer 40k 847 N/A 13-12-2012
Army Logo Steel Phantoms Chaos Space Marines UndoubtedKhaos Warhammer 40k 1091 N/A 23-02-2012
Army Logo Sons of Horus 17th Grand Company Horus Heresy-era Space Marines The Son of Horus Warhammer 40k 2011 N/A 16-12-2012
Blood Angels Chapter Blood Angels Crimson Shadow Warhammer 40k 6913 N/A 11-10-2011
Army Logo Unborn of Vargul Chaos Space Marines whiplash308 Warhammer 40k 2912 N/A 27-02-2014
Anubian Dynasty Necron LukeValantine Warhammer 40k 625 N/A 24-03-2013
Army Logo First Eastern Mirage Corps Codex: Space Marines iamtheeviltwin Warhammer 40k 3254 N/A 26-02-2014
Army Logo Nurgle's Children Chaos Space Marines VanillaKoolaid Warhammer 40k 1331 N/A 09-08-2012
Army Logo The BloodCallers Chaos Space Marines Lord Sven Kittyclaw Warhammer 40k 1476 N/A 09-02-2011
Army Logo Tomb Kings Tomb Kings cirs85 Warhammer 1047 N/A 07-12-2011
Army Logo 501st Cadian Battle Tank Bataillon Imperial Guard silversurfer Warhammer 40k 2043 N/A 02-08-2011
Army Logo Umerian 21st Expeditionary Army (Um-XXI-ExAr) Imperial Guard lawrence96 Warhammer 40k 1167 N/A 23-02-2011
Army Logo 12th Kalvador forge expeditionary force Imperial guard edd_thereaper Warhammer 40k 2726 N/A 19-04-2011
Army Logo Silver Skulls Space Marines SilverSkulls Warhammer 40k 3108 N/A 07-02-2011
Army Logo Kabal of The Deadly Mist Dark Eldar Skari Warhammer 40k 1090 N/A 07-05-2012
Army Logo Iron Lords Space Marines Kobrakai Warhammer 40k 4682 N/A 16-11-2014
Army Logo AA Hand Of Ulthwe Eldar Darkrider Warhammer 40k 789 N/A 22-01-2012

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