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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Army Logo Altansar Warhost of Lost Dreams Eldar Moriouce Warhammer 40k 3811 N/A 28-12-2015
Catachan 2nd Infantry Regiment "Green Vipers" Astra Militarum General Eric Warhammer 40k 1387 N/A 03-12-2015
Army Logo Void Celestials Tyranids sirk Warhammer 40k 349 N/A 18-11-2015
Witchers Space Marines Toawsty Warhammer 40k 260 N/A 09-11-2015
Kabal of the black heart, Necrons and Renegades Dark eldar, Necrons and Chaos space marines TomdeTom53 Warhammer 40k 317 N/A 04-11-2015
Army Logo Shadow Corps Space Marine christopher.dean Warhammer 40k 475 N/A 01-11-2015
Begginer list 1850 pt Dark Eldar Need feed back Th Dark Eldar dar101 Warhammer 40k 228 N/A 01-11-2015
Ultramarines Post Human (Space marines) DelvarusThePitFighter Warhammer 40k and also about 1200pts HH 325 N/A 01-09-2015
The Norvan resistance Imperial Coallition GrimzagGorwazza Warhammer 40k 906 N/A 28-08-2015
Killy or Khorne: Blood for the Blood god Warriors of Chaos Gaisgeach Warhammer 256 N/A 22-08-2015
Army Logo Lords of the Iron Thorn Dark Eldar Zothan Warhammer 40k 315 N/A 13-08-2015
Army Logo the dwarf holds Dwarves Haskanael battle games of middle earth 711 N/A 06-08-2015
Army Logo Lax's Blood Angels Blood Angels Lax Warhammer 40k 714 N/A 02-08-2015
Army Logo Dark Angel Wolfstar DA/SW christopher.dean Warhammer 40k 461 N/A 29-07-2015
Army Logo Blood Shedders Airborne Company Blood Angels christopher.dean Warhammer 40k 406 N/A 28-07-2015
Army Logo With hand in change Necron Chaos battle brothers Kruphix, chaos ctan Warhammer 40k 648 N/A 21-05-2015
Scarlet Massacre Chaos Space Marines: Crimson Slaughter MasterAsia Warhammer 40k 290 N/A 19-05-2015
Hive fleet chimera Tyranids Hive Fleet Chimera Warhammer 40k 363 N/A 28-04-2015
Army Logo Imperial Guard/Space Marines Human Commissar Sean Warhammer 40k 449 N/A 29-03-2015
Army Logo 40k and 30k Collection Various Poomba Warhammer 40k and Warhammer 30k 871 N/A 19-03-2015

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