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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Ultra Marines Space marines Orionjp Warhammer 40k 575 N/A 10-01-2013
Army Logo Hive Fleet Hades Tyranids whiplash308 Warhammer 40k 1438 N/A 08-01-2013
The Fists Space Marine KAPcom Warhammer 40k 501 N/A 05-01-2013
Army Logo Astral Claws Space marines Rumour_Control Warhammer 40k 3279 N/A 28-12-2012
Army Logo Messengers of the Star Gods Necrons Sothot Warhammer 40k 1351 N/A 27-12-2012
Army Logo Brotherhood "Chaos Requiem" Grey Knights abitterbuffalo Warhammer 40k 1654 N/A 21-12-2012
Army Logo Sons of Horus 17th Grand Company Horus Heresy-era Space Marines The Son of Horus Warhammer 40k 2011 N/A 16-12-2012
Army Logo The Black Legion - 17th Grand Company Chaos Space Marines The Son of Horus Warhammer 40k 1542 N/A 16-12-2012
Army Logo Vior'la Hunter Cadre Tau ChaosRedCorsairLord Warhammer 40k 2112 N/A 14-12-2012
Army Logo Hive Fleet Skourge Tyranids VanillaKoolaid Warhammer 40k 1031 N/A 13-12-2012
Army Logo 5th Krug Imperial Guard Keen4e Warhammer 40k 847 N/A 13-12-2012
White Scars Legion project! Space Marines Stephen_Newman Forge World Horus Heresy 799 N/A 01-12-2012
tardus industria space marines skate1600 Warhammer 40k 503 N/A 01-12-2012
Army Logo The Chosen Host Dark Elves Masked Jackal Warhammer 5587 N/A 26-11-2012
Army Logo Night Lords 10th & 11th Companies! Chaos Space Marines forkmaster Warhammer 40k 1414 N/A 21-11-2012
The Filth Crusaders Death Guard Gue'vesa'O Ba'cho Warhammer 40k 684 N/A 19-11-2012
Army Logo OnG Doubles Orcs & Goblins Tim/Steve Warhammer 524 N/A 16-11-2012
Army Logo Phoenix Sabers Space Marine: Blood Angels sub-chapter Okysho Warhammer 40k 991 N/A 05-11-2012
Legion of the Black Book Chaos Daemons Khyros Warhammer 40k 612 N/A 04-11-2012
Gorkfang's Waaagh! Orks cox.dan2 Warhammer 40k 551 N/A 31-10-2012

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