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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Iron Warriors Traitor Legion Brother Dextus Horus Heresy 70 N/A 28-09-2017
Army Logo Sons Of Perturabo, The Bloodborn of M'Kar Iron Warriors and various allies Brother Dextus Warhammer 40k 536 N/A 27-09-2017
Army Logo Servants of the Conquering Worm Warriors of Chaos Dave T Hobbit Warhammer 938 N/A 26-09-2017
Army Logo Warhost of the VainWind Eldar KBelleau Warhammer 40k 2053 N/A 28-08-2017
Army Logo Coronan 51st Grenadiers Regiment, 4th Brigade Imperial Guard alex_mac47 Warhammer 40k 1647 N/A 20-04-2017
Army Logo Waaaaaagghhh Grimzag Orks GrimzagGorwazza Warhammer 40k Apocalypse 3050 N/A 02-04-2017
Army Logo The Chapter of the Unspeaking (and allies) Chaos Space Marines ExaltedUrizen Warhammer 40k 131 N/A 08-01-2017
Army Logo The Eternal Crusade Black Templars, Imperial Guard, Inquisition Brother Dextus Warhammer 40k 1162 N/A 10-12-2016
Army Logo Nordicus' Chaos Space Marines Chaos Space Marines Nordicus Warhammer 40k 7413 N/A 21-06-2016
Settra's Final Stand Tomb Kings Deloth Warhammer 66 N/A 29-05-2016
Army Logo Meteoric Knights. Stormcast Eternals Haskanael Warhammer: Age of Sigmar 275 N/A 10-05-2016
Army Logo Nordicus' Chaos Daemons Chaos Daemons Nordicus Warhammer 40k 4615 N/A 30-04-2016
Army Logo Bark Squig-Grin's Dakka Ladz Ork Moriouce Warhammer 40k 2049 N/A 24-04-2016
Army Logo Netherheim Army Group Human, Imperial Guard, Astra Militarum. Haskanael Warhammer 40k 722 N/A 19-04-2016
Army Logo Ultramarines 3rd company space marines Haskanael Warhammer 40k 2683 N/A 19-04-2016
Army Logo The Serrated Flame Word Bearers with Daemon allies alt-f4 Warhammer 40k 1455 N/A 08-03-2016
Army Logo Da Golden Waaagh!!!! Orks Battman Warhammer 40k 818 N/A 11-02-2016
Army Logo The 52nd Grand Battalion Pre Heresy Iron Warriors Phatsquirre1 Warhammer 40k 234 N/A 03-02-2016
Army Logo Honka's Big Top Brawlas Orks Ring Master "Honka" Warhammer 40k 1464 N/A 29-01-2016
Army Logo Sirk's Blood Angels Space Marines sirk Warhammer 40k 670 N/A 17-01-2016

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