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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Army Logo Flesh Tearers Blood Angel Space Marines Katie Drake Warhammer 40k 5794 N/A 06-02-2011
Army Logo The Green Horde Chaos Space Marines DrinCalhar Warhammer 40k 1534 N/A 06-02-2011
Army Logo Blood Lizards Lizardmen Flindo Warhammer 1868 N/A 06-02-2011
Army Logo White Scars Space Marines Flindo Warhammer 40k 1653 N/A 06-02-2011
Army Logo Scourges of the Warp Skaven Flindo Warhammer 1497 N/A 06-02-2011
Army Logo Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marine Legion The Wraithlord Warhammer 40k 11698 4.8235294117647 06-02-2011
Army Logo Pitch Black Dark Eldar DrinCalhar Warhammer 40k 1391 N/A 06-02-2011
Sisters of the Poison Chalice Chaos Space Marines humakt Warhammer 40k 1746 N/A 07-02-2011
Army Logo Silver Skulls Space Marines SilverSkulls Warhammer 40k 3108 N/A 07-02-2011
Army Logo Strike Force Resolute Space Marines Rixnor Warhammer 40k 2884 4.6 07-02-2011
Daemons Chaos daemons Skinn3r Warhammer 40k 960 N/A 07-02-2011
Army Logo Sons of Russ Space Wolves wolfpack Warhammer 40k 1165 N/A 07-02-2011
Tomb Queen Anethema's Sand walkers... Tomb Kings / Undead nurglespuss Warhammer Fantasy 886 N/A 07-02-2011
Dark Mechanicus Mechanicum Whitehorn Warhammer 40k 8805 N/A 08-02-2011
Eldar Warhost Eldar Aramoro Warhammer 40k 1916 N/A 08-02-2011
Army Logo AoBR Ultramarines Space Marines ashikenshin Warhammer 40k 1796 N/A 08-02-2011
Army Logo Snakebites Orks The Sullen One Warhammer 40k 1525 N/A 08-02-2011
WAAAGH! WAZAG (no pics yet) Chaos Space Marines Commander_Culln Warhammer 40k 927 N/A 08-02-2011
Total necron force Necron ristar2 Warhammer 40k 801 N/A 08-02-2011
Army Logo The BloodCallers Chaos Space Marines Lord Sven Kittyclaw Warhammer 40k 1477 N/A 09-02-2011

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