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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Army Logo Kreuger's Dark Legion (Pics!) Dark Legion Kreuger Warzone 6404 N/A 14-02-2011
Magnus' Legion Mercenaries ra1023 Warmachine 785 N/A 27-03-2011
First Iteration of Cyriss Convergence Of Cyriss Zealox Warmachine 829 N/A 11-11-2013
Cryx Army Cryx silenti79 Warmachine 781 N/A 17-05-2012
Army Logo The Dread Legion Cryx Masked Jackal Warmachine 1357 N/A 29-04-2011
Calamitas Mercenaries (Pirates) Tawa Warmachine 768 N/A 15-10-2013
Army Logo Meteoric Knights. Stormcast Eternals Haskanael Warhammer: Age of Sigmar 296 N/A 10-05-2016
Tomb Queen Anethema's Sand walkers... Tomb Kings / Undead nurglespuss Warhammer Fantasy 886 N/A 07-02-2011
Army Logo Waaaaaagghhh Grimzag Orks GrimzagGorwazza Warhammer 40k Apocalypse 3337 N/A 02-04-2017
Items for Sale Lots Sethis Warhammer 40k and WFB and Hordes 457 N/A 29-10-2013
Army Logo 40k and 30k Collection Various Poomba Warhammer 40k and Warhammer 30k 873 N/A 19-03-2015
Ultramarines Post Human (Space marines) DelvarusThePitFighter Warhammer 40k and also about 1200pts HH 326 N/A 01-09-2015
Blood Angels Space Marine ra1023 Warhammer 40k 833 N/A 27-03-2011
Army Logo Dark Angels Space Marines khaosgurl Warhammer 40k 672 N/A 25-10-2012
Army Logo Alaric Nightrunner's Great Company Vlka Fenryka Khorne's Fist Warhammer 40k 2740 N/A 18-06-2013
Army Logo Ironshades Chaos Space Marines Khyros Warhammer 40k 768 N/A 05-07-2013
Hive Fleet Drohar Tyranids Drohar Warhammer 40k 567 N/A 19-03-2014
Army Logo Sons Of Perturabo, The Bloodborn of M'Kar Iron Warriors and various allies Brother Dextus Warhammer 40k 646 N/A 27-09-2017
Army Logo Pauls Necron Army Necron Paule Warhammer 40k 2440 N/A 27-03-2011
Hive Fleet Hecatonchires Tyranid Angelofdeath690 Warhammer 40k 1173 N/A 12-08-2014

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