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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Khaine's Legion of azghor Chaos Dwarfes cain the betrayer Warhammer 991 N/A 14-11-2011
Acorn Guardians Elves Geran Brookwater Warhammer 542 N/A 24-02-2015
Army Logo Blood Lizards Lizardmen Flindo Warhammer 1871 N/A 06-02-2011
Karak Azgol Hold Dwarf Lucio Warhammer 825 N/A 20-11-2011
Army Logo Scourges of the Warp Skaven Flindo Warhammer 1500 N/A 06-02-2011
Death Ward Clan Dwarf GothicAngel Warhammer 602 N/A 01-12-2011
Army Logo Tomb Kings Tomb Kings cirs85 Warhammer 1049 N/A 07-12-2011
Herr Albrecht's Crusaders Empire KjellThorngaard Warhammer 566 N/A 11-03-2013
Army Logo The Soul Reapers Warriors of Chaos TechnoIce Warhammer 560 N/A 16-05-2014
Army Logo Raevil's Raiders Warriors of Chaos zackdanials Warhammer 553 N/A 11-06-2013
Army Logo Cairon's Host High Elf zackdanials Warhammer 661 N/A 20-06-2013
6th army of isha (Sands of Wraith) Tomb king Regal Doshu Warhammer 1073 N/A 01-05-2011
Army Logo Ogre Kingdoms Ogre Kingdoms MidnightSun Warhammer 741 N/A 14-08-2013
Jungle Swarm Sotek Lizardmen MidnightKid333 Warhammer 1311 N/A 16-06-2011
Army Logo The Seagoing Crusade Bretonnia whiplash308 Warhammer 881 N/A 27-01-2012
Army Logo Ratata's Army Skavens frenchi861 Warhammer 911 N/A 16-03-2015
Army Logo Harbingers of Corruption Warriors of chaos Archaon18 Warhammer 880 N/A 27-07-2012
Army Logo The Undivided Warriors of Chaos WeeDawgNYC Warhammer 4707 4.9 09-02-2011
Army Logo Fallen Knightly Order of the Raging Bull Warriors of Chaos The Son of Horus Warhammer 5180 N/A 03-08-2013
Army Logo Kerotk's Servants of the Old Ones Lizardmen apidude Warhammer 1347 N/A 22-12-2014

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