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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Spectres Space Marines JAMOB Warhammer 40k 1183 N/A 23-04-2012
Legion XIII Necron tmcook Warhammer 40k 805 N/A 23-07-2013
Army Logo 14th Cadian [pictures-updated regularly] Imperial Guard Mikeybx Warhammer 40k 4863 N/A 03-11-2011
Chaos Demons Chaos Demons MidnightKid333 Warhammer 40k 857 N/A 14-03-2012
Imperial Blizzard Force Imperial Guard EwokDwf Warhammer 40k 766 N/A 26-01-2012
Army Logo Grey Knights Space Marines jonileth Warhammer 40k 704 N/A 23-03-2012
The Legion of Woog Chaos Space Marines Jdwoogie Warhammer 40k 745 N/A 08-06-2011
Army Logo Honka's Big Top Brawlas Orks Ring Master "Honka" Warhammer 40k 1595 N/A 29-01-2016
Army Logo Warp Fiends (Sons of Paradise) Chaos Space Marines LukeValantine Warhammer 40k 2248 4.2 26-07-2011
Army Logo Twilight Dragons Eldar farseer22 Warhammer 40k 1119 N/A 20-06-2011
Black Legion chaos space marines tacticalguy24 Warhammer 40k 701 N/A 20-03-2012
Chaos by Nurgle CHAOS DAEMONS Walkech Warhammer 40k 483 N/A 16-12-2013
Army Logo World Breakers Chaos Space Marines Tanrel Warhammer 40k 1259 N/A 15-06-2011
Army Logo The Seeked Eldar chaos_warrior_marine Warhammer 40k 819 N/A 26-03-2012
Army Logo The Hunters Space Wolves Miester_Zef Warhammer 40k 476 N/A 02-09-2014
Army Logo Blood Shedders Airborne Company Blood Angels christopher.dean Warhammer 40k 406 N/A 28-07-2015
Army Logo Relictors Third Company Space Marines Deneris Warhammer 40k 1956 N/A 20-03-2011
Hive Fleet Aquilla Tyranids ohmtastic Warhammer 40k 936 N/A 16-06-2011
Army Logo The Pyre Chaos Space Marines The Son of Horus Warhammer 40k 3893 N/A 24-04-2013
Army Logo II MEF Imperial Guard VanillaKoolaid Warhammer 40k 761 N/A 09-08-2012

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