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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Army Logo SS-Kampfgruppe Spindler Human Makarov Flames of War 1343 N/A 10-07-2012
Army Logo US Marines (Current) Human Makarov Force on Force 818 N/A 01-07-2012
Army Logo Russian Naval Infantry (Current) Human Makarov Force on Force 1190 N/A 01-07-2012
Army Logo US Militia ( "Current") Human Makarov Force on Force 724 N/A 01-07-2012
White Scars Legion project! Space Marines Stephen_Newman Forge World Horus Heresy 799 N/A 01-12-2012
Army Logo Pirates Yarrrrrr Humans (mostly anyway) Quase Freebooter's Fate & Legends of the High Seas 1012 N/A 24-10-2011
Army Logo Trollbloods Trollbloods Red Corsairs Hordes 1040 N/A 26-02-2012
Iron Warriors Traitor Legion Brother Dextus Horus Heresy 88 N/A 28-09-2017
Army Logo The Nomad Nation Nomads Wax Infinity 547 N/A 18-03-2013
Army Logo yu jing japanese sectoral army Yu Jing Plebicidal Infinity 1601 N/A 11-06-2012
Army Logo Jezlads Example Army Example Race Jezlad Jezhammer 6108 4.5714285714286 05-03-2011
Army Logo Nalgar's Undead Horde Undead imm0rtal reaper Mantic 1200 N/A 19-01-2013
Kreuger's Scavvies Scavvy Kreuger Necromunda 3449 N/A 20-02-2011
Army Logo Test Army Test Jezlad Test 729 N/A 24-10-2012
Army Logo OnG Doubles Orcs & Goblins Tim/Steve Warhammer 525 N/A 16-11-2012
Army Logo Servants of the Conquering Worm Warriors of Chaos Dave T Hobbit Warhammer 1044 N/A 26-09-2017
The White Serpent's Cadre Warriors of Chaos SlaaneshLover Warhammer 1070 N/A 26-04-2013
Dwarfs (work in progress) Dwarf Gileneas Warhammer 623 N/A 09-11-2011
Army Logo War Host of Drelrin High Elves Topcat Warhammer 568 N/A 25-01-2013
Army Logo The Great Griffon Hoast of Ulthuan. High Elves Charandris Warhammer 625 N/A 29-01-2013

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