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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
The amalgimation of the 501st and 190th Cadian reg Imperial Guard khrone forever Warhammer 40k 1002 N/A 01-01-2012
Army Logo Sentinels of Terra (Imperial Fists 3rd Company) Space Marines (Imperial Fists) SwedeMarine Warhammer 40k 707 N/A 15-01-2014
Army Logo The Forgotten Hunters Space marines The Thunder of KayVaan Warhammer 40k 937 N/A 12-03-2011
Army Logo Emperor's Chosens Space marines Space_marine_captain88 Warhammer 40k 1384 N/A 28-01-2012
Plague Marine Army Chaos Space Marine Rotten Breath Warhammer 40k 633 N/A 03-01-2012
Army Logo Blood Angels 4th Company Space Marines-Blood Angels zackdanials Warhammer 40k 755 N/A 21-06-2013
Tombworld: Pluto Necrons StalkerZero Warhammer 40k 1100 N/A 30-03-2011
Army Logo The Shadow Reapers Chaos Space Marines shadow reaper Warhammer 40k 1058 N/A 27-04-2011
Luthers Fallen Angels Space Marines CE5511 Warhammer 40k 770 N/A 02-01-2012
Blue Katana Army - 3rd Regiment Human (break-away faction) warchirf Warhammer 40k 790 N/A 27-04-2011
Colalition Of Sisters Sisters of Battle Inari82 Warhammer 40k 845 N/A 03-01-2012
Army Logo Ulthwe Eldar Strike Force Eldar Harbinger of the Forge Warhammer 40k 7466 N/A 04-06-2014
Army Logo Warhost of the VainWind Eldar KBelleau Warhammer 40k 2076 N/A 28-08-2017
Army Logo AA Hand Of Ulthwe Eldar Darkrider Warhammer 40k 790 N/A 22-01-2012
Army Logo Nordicus' Chaos Space Marines Chaos Space Marines Nordicus Warhammer 40k 8128 N/A 21-06-2016
Army Logo With hand in change Necron Chaos battle brothers Kruphix, chaos ctan Warhammer 40k 654 N/A 21-05-2015
Army Logo -Consanguinity of Slaughter- (Updated Pics&models! Chaos Space Marines Sephyr Warhammer 40k 4312 N/A 15-11-2011
512th Winter Warriors Regiment Imperial Guard Oassis Warhammer 40k 670 N/A 07-01-2012
Hive fleet chimera Tyranids Hive Fleet Chimera Warhammer 40k 365 N/A 28-04-2015
Army Logo Ereda Sept Tau gally912 Warhammer 40k 2907 N/A 03-05-2011

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