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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Army Logo Vogt'aa 2011 Tau Twisted Marine Warhammer 40k 623 N/A 30-11-2011
Army Logo The BloodCallers Chaos Space Marines Lord Sven Kittyclaw Warhammer 40k 1477 N/A 09-02-2011
Evil Sunz Orks Sonorous Epithet Warhammer 40k 660 N/A 30-11-2011
Awaiting Judgment/The Fallen Chaos Space Marines sobespartan Warhammer 40k 997 N/A 10-02-2012
Legion of the Forgotten One Chaos Space Marines Rivyn Warhammer 40k 852 N/A 10-03-2013
Blood Angels Blood Angels dnalloht Warhammer 40k 681 N/A 02-12-2011
Hive Fleet Echidna Tyranids Rivyn Warhammer 40k 710 N/A 10-03-2013
Tau Frontier Legion Tau Rivyn Warhammer 40k 580 N/A 10-03-2013
Army Logo Rotwort Goreteef's Space Boyz Orks cirs85 Warhammer 40k 1071 N/A 04-12-2011
Knights of Epsilon Space Marines Rivyn Warhammer 40k 673 N/A 10-03-2013
Army Logo Grey Knights and Inquisition Human KeelingOver Warhammer 40k 562 N/A 12-05-2014
Army Logo Crimson Slaughter Chaos Space Marines frenchi861 Warhammer 40k 616 N/A 09-03-2015
Army Logo Vior'la Hunter Cadre Tau ChaosRedCorsairLord Warhammer 40k 2128 N/A 14-12-2012
Army Logo The Echelon (Alpha Legion Cell) Chaos Space Marines Mossy Toes Warhammer 40k 3083 N/A 24-11-2014
Hive Fleet Rawrgh Tyranids rawrgh Warhammer 40k 1210 N/A 20-06-2011
Army Logo Blood Angels Space Marine ChaosKiller Warhammer 40k 1464 N/A 15-04-2011
The Lost Legion Space Marines DangerBoy Warhammer 40k 636 N/A 20-01-2012
Army Logo Ramaneth Dynasty Necron Day2Dan Warhammer 40k 688 N/A 07-12-2011
Basic Necron Necron Kirusion Warhammer 40k 545 N/A 20-03-2013
Army Logo Astartes Lions Rampant Space Marines The Son of Horus Warhammer 40k 11660 4.7727272727273 02-04-2014

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