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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Army Logo Relictors Force - LOADS of good PICS Space Marine Fallen DA 40K 4355 N/A 05-02-2012
Army Logo Denbigh-Hartford's Harridans Lancastrian The Sullen One A Very British Civil War 971 N/A 22-07-2011
Army Logo the dwarf holds Dwarves Haskanael battle games of middle earth 711 N/A 06-08-2015
Army Logo Chaos Fleet Chaos Vanquisher Battlefleet Gothic 3721 N/A 29-02-2012
Army Logo Imperial Fleet Empire Vanquisher Battlefleet Gothic 2931 N/A 29-02-2012
72nd Terran Intercessory Fleet Imperial Navy Firefighter X Battlefleet Gothic 976 N/A 08-12-2011
Army Logo Eldar Fleet Eldar Vanquisher Battlefleet Gothic 1272 N/A 21-04-2012
Army Logo 2nd Armanian main fleet Imperial navy Stella Cadente Battlefleet gothic 2841 4.4 14-02-2011
Army Logo Battlefleet Inquathan Deeps Imperial Navy ChaosRedCorsairLord Battlefleet Gothic 824 N/A 13-04-2014
Army Logo 1944-45 6th Grenadier Division wehrmacht Stella Cadente Disposable heroes 2893 N/A 03-03-2011
Army Logo Quase's Epic Armies Space Wolves, Nurgle Space Marines and Orks Quase Epic Armageddon 3091 N/A 28-03-2011
WAAARGH Komanda GrubKop Orks Viscount Vash Epic Armageddon 806 N/A 20-02-2013
Army Logo Aquan Prime Aquan Prime Plebicidal Firestorm Armada 927 N/A 11-06-2012
Army Logo Sorylian Collective Sorylian Collective Plebicidal Firestorm Armada 837 N/A 11-06-2012
Army Logo 3rd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th ID U.S. Infantry KjellThorngaard Flames of War 2372 N/A 02-03-2012
Army Logo 6. Fallschirmjager Regiment German Khorne's Fist Flames of War 1367 N/A 13-10-2013
Army Logo 8th Army ..Human Marneus Calgar Flames of War 2109 N/A 09-02-2011
British 8th Army in Italy Noble Tommy Grins1878 Flames of War 1490 N/A 09-02-2011
Army Logo Batalion Armii Krajowej (Late War) Human Makarov Flames of War 1374 N/A 15-07-2012
Army Logo Panzergrenadier Lehr Kompanie Human Makarov Flames of War 1373 N/A 15-07-2012

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