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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Army Logo Warp Fiends (Sons of Paradise) Chaos Space Marines LukeValantine Warhammer 40k 2249 4.2 26-07-2011
Warriors of Chaos Warriors of Chaos Wusword77 Warhammer 1029 N/A 15-02-2011
Army Logo Webway Raiders Dark Eldar Neonflux07 Warhammer 40k 816 N/A 20-11-2011
What you see is what you get Tau TheLambBread Warhammer 40k 532 N/A 27-03-2013
Army Logo White Scars Space Marines Flindo Warhammer 40k 1668 N/A 06-02-2011
Army Logo White Scars - PICS Space Marines Poomba Warhammer 40k 3457 N/A 13-02-2011
White Scars Legion project! Space Marines Stephen_Newman Forge World Horus Heresy 802 N/A 01-12-2012
Army Logo Windrider Swordwind Eldar Maidel Warhammer 40k 4420 N/A 16-05-2011
Army Logo Windwalkers Vermilion Blood Angels OIIIIIIO Warhammer 40k 1630 N/A 19-03-2013
WIP Nurgle Nurgle Deux Warhammer 40k 854 N/A 05-03-2012
Witchers Space Marines Toawsty Warhammer 40k 263 N/A 09-11-2015
Army Logo With hand in change Necron Chaos battle brothers Kruphix, chaos ctan Warhammer 40k 655 N/A 21-05-2015
Wolves of Commorragh Dark Eldar KhainiteAssassin Warhammer 40k 2608 N/A 25-05-2011
Wood elves Elves Modlio Warhammer 644 N/A 23-01-2014
Army Logo Word Bearers Chaos Space Marines MidnightSun Warhammer 40k 1530 N/A 11-08-2013
Army Logo word bearers CSM XxFORCHAOSxX Warhammer 40k 950 N/A 21-06-2012
Army Logo Word Bearers Host "Stigmata" Chaos Space Marines Cerebrium Warhammer 40k 824 N/A 02-05-2012
Word Bearers of the 30th Host Chaos Space Marines halo_clock Warhammer 40k 671 N/A 25-09-2013
Army Logo World Breakers Chaos Space Marines Tanrel Warhammer 40k 1259 N/A 15-06-2011
World Eaters Chaos Marines Firefighter X Warhammer 40k 1380 N/A 08-12-2011

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