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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Army Logo Void Celestials Tyranids sirk Warhammer 40k 353 N/A 18-11-2015
Void Dragons Space Marines BigLDeuces Warhammer 40k 586 N/A 07-11-2011
Vondel's Company High Elves Treesnifer Warhammer 915 N/A 02-03-2011
Army Logo Vulkan's Expiditionary Force Space Marines Grinnsira Warhammer 40k 755 N/A 29-02-2012
Army Logo Waaaaaagghhh Grimzag Orks GrimzagGorwazza Warhammer 40k Apocalypse 3366 N/A 02-04-2017
Army Logo Waaaaagh Grins! Deathskull Orks Grins1878 Warhammer 40k 1273 N/A 09-02-2011
Waaaagghhh Nids Orks humakt Warhammer 40k 836 N/A 05-02-2013
Waaaagh 'Umungus Fungus Orks Warlord Kwahom Warhammer 40k 584 N/A 18-08-2011
Waaaagh 'Umungus Fungus Orks Warlord Kwahom Warhammer 40k 821 N/A 18-08-2011
Army Logo Waaagh! Gualibee of da Silfer Moonz Night Goblins Saulot Warhammer 981 N/A 24-08-2011
Waaagh! Skarsnik Orks Dicrel Seijin Warhammer 40k 1203 N/A 24-07-2012
Waaagh! Tufskul Orks Killystar Gul Dakka Warhammer 40k 875 N/A 27-11-2011
WAAAGH! WAZAG (no pics yet) Chaos Space Marines Commander_Culln Warhammer 40k 931 N/A 08-02-2011
Army Logo Waaagh!!! Grimgul Orks Tanrel Warhammer 40k 1186 N/A 17-05-2011
WAAARGH Komanda GrubKop Orks Viscount Vash Epic Armageddon 809 N/A 20-02-2013
Army Logo Walking Wounded Chaos Space Marines Chaosftw Warhammer 40k 1167 N/A 02-04-2013
Army Logo War Horses Chapter (MLP Marines) Space Marines Angelofdeath690 Warhammer 40k 2201 N/A 10-01-2014
Army Logo War Host of Drelrin High Elves Topcat Warhammer 570 N/A 25-01-2013
Army Logo Warhost of the VainWind Eldar KBelleau Warhammer 40k 2076 N/A 28-08-2017
Army Logo Warmongers Space Marines Words_of_Truth Warhammer 40k 780 N/A 09-03-2015

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