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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Army Logo Space Wolves Space Wolves lollie123 Warhammer 40k 928 N/A 04-08-2011
Space Wolves Space Marines Grins1878 Warhammer 40k 1370 N/A 06-06-2011
Army Logo Space Wolves 13th Company Space Wolves Frank Fugger Warhammer 40k 4003 N/A 24-02-2011
Spectres Space Marines JAMOB Warhammer 40k 1183 N/A 23-04-2012
Army Logo Splinter fleet Praetorian Tyranids Kaiden Warhammer 40k 1659 4.6666666666667 30-05-2011
Army Logo Splinter Fleet: Rapter Tyranids troybuckle Warhammer 40k 2159 4.875 07-12-2011
Spring Zephyr Gamma Eldar Treesnifer Warhammer 40k 1140 N/A 20-10-2011
Army Logo SS-Kampfgruppe Spindler Human Makarov Flames of War 1344 N/A 10-07-2012
Army Logo Steel Frontier Space Marines: Codex Chapter Ceejaikae Warhammer 40k 726 N/A 12-05-2012
Army Logo Steel Phantoms Chaos Space Marines UndoubtedKhaos Warhammer 40k 1093 N/A 23-02-2012
Army Logo Strike Force Enoch Dark Angels - Consecrators Captain Semper Warhammer 40k 2508 N/A 02-08-2013
Army Logo Strike Force Resolute Space Marines Rixnor Warhammer 40k 2904 4.6 07-02-2011
Army Logo Strike Force Secundus Blood Angels Space Marines jaysen Warhammer 40k 2139 N/A 15-10-2011
Army Logo Talassar Angels Space Marines captain fabian Warhammer 40k 850 N/A 15-02-2012
tardus industria space marines skate1600 Warhammer 40k 506 N/A 01-12-2012
Targaal's Night Lord Exiles Chaos Space Marines LordTalos Warhammer 40k 588 N/A 27-01-2012
Army Logo Tash'var Cadre Tau furyion Warhammer 40k 13057 N/A 28-05-2013
Task Force Space Marines CARTARIUS Warhammer 40k 599 N/A 17-07-2011
Army Logo Tau Army Tau Cannorn Warhammer 40k 883 N/A 25-06-2012
Tau Frontier Legion Tau Rivyn Warhammer 40k 580 N/A 10-03-2013

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