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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Army Logo Flesh Tearers Blood Angel Space Marines Katie Drake Warhammer 40k 5798 N/A 06-02-2011
Army Logo Forgotten Brotherhood Grey Knights Fukushim Warhammer 40k 696 N/A 29-06-2012
Army Logo Fugkrew Mek Boys Orks Obinhi Warhammer 40k 679 N/A 07-06-2012
Fury of Sanguinius Blood Angels Soul Grinder Warhammer 40k 634 N/A 01-07-2012
Future DE Starter Army Dark Eldar Hypn0sis Warhammer 40k 672 N/A 27-08-2011
Ghosts of Necrons Past Necrons necron2013 Warhammer 40k 642 N/A 31-03-2014
Goldrinn Valfar's Lost Company Space Wolves Chapter Alistor Warhammer 40k 1081 N/A 11-05-2011
Army Logo Gorach Anastari (the Laughing Ravens) Eldar Squeeking up on people Warhammer 40k 1068 N/A 29-05-2011
Gorkfang's Waaagh! Orks cox.dan2 Warhammer 40k 553 N/A 31-10-2012
Army Logo Grazza's mechanised Waaagh! ork cpt.Octavian Warhammer 40k 927 N/A 03-12-2011
Army Logo Grey Knights Grey Knights creativecss Warhammer 40k 902 N/A 19-10-2011
Grey knights Human elmir Warhammer 40k 695 N/A 22-12-2011
Army Logo Grey Knights Space Marines jonileth Warhammer 40k 704 N/A 23-03-2012
Grey Knights Grey Knights StalkerZero Warhammer 40k 792 N/A 28-09-2011
Army Logo Grey Knights and Inquisition Human KeelingOver Warhammer 40k 562 N/A 12-05-2014
Army Logo HAMMER OF RIGHTEOUSNESS HUMAN inqusitor magneto Warhammer 40k 864 N/A 11-09-2012
Har Decher Tomb Kings Zodd Warhammer 1382 N/A 04-09-2011
Army Logo Harbingers of Corruption Warriors of chaos Archaon18 Warhammer 882 N/A 27-07-2012
Army Logo Harbingers of Iron Necron Immortal Lord Warhammer 40k 1082 N/A 25-03-2011
Army Logo Harbingers of Plague Chaos Marines Archaon18 Warhammer 40k 965 N/A 01-09-2012

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