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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Army Logo Death Guard CSM Plebicidal Warhammer 40k 765 N/A 11-06-2012
Army Logo Death Guard 7th Great Company Chaos Space Marines Count_the_Seven Warhammer 40k 4086 N/A 12-11-2013
Army Logo Death Shadows Dark Eldar Space_marine_captain88 Warhammer 40k 970 N/A 19-08-2011
Army Logo Death Tombs Necrons chaos_warrior_marine Warhammer 40k 1351 N/A 01-02-2012
Death Ward Clan Dwarf GothicAngel Warhammer 603 N/A 01-12-2011
Deathguard Chaos Space Marines Giles83 Warhammer 40k 697 N/A 23-07-2012
Army Logo Deathwatch army Spacemarine/Inquistion Feirfek Warhammer 40k 3191 N/A 17-08-2011
Army Logo Deathwatch Strike Force Crucible Astartes Kaiden Warhammer 40k 4481 N/A 18-03-2015
Deathwing Dark Angels XxMP40xX Warhammer 40k 757 N/A 21-05-2011
Army Logo Deathwing Dark Angels tslyle Warhammer 40k 616 N/A 25-07-2012
Army Logo Deceit of Angels Necrons Tim/Steve Warhammer 40k 1717 N/A 27-02-2011
Army Logo Deep Corsairs 2004 Chaos Space Marines / Corrupt Guardsmen Twisted Marine Warhammer 40k 748 N/A 30-11-2011
Army Logo defender of Tor Yvreese High Elves CommissarAidan Warhammer 549 N/A 20-01-2014
Army Logo Denbigh-Hartford's Harridans Lancastrian The Sullen One A Very British Civil War 971 N/A 22-07-2011
Army Logo Desendents of Sanguine Space Marines, Blood Angels Desendents_of_Sanguine Warhammer 40k 1066 N/A 23-04-2011
Army Logo Desolators Of Shaantitus Traitor Guard and Mutants shaantitus Warhammer 40k 1699 N/A 13-03-2011
Detachment Manstein Imperial Fists Wagner Warhammer 40k 815 N/A 08-03-2011
Army Logo Devil Dogs Space Marines davespil Warhammer 40k 1197 N/A 31-07-2012
Army Logo Disciples of Caliban, Task Force Lion Dark Angels donkey555 Warhammer 40k 5335 N/A 16-06-2011
disciples of the Night Demon\Guard Azkaellon Warhammer 40k 622 N/A 07-08-2012

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