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Army Logo Army Name Race Owner Game System Views Rating Last Updated
Army Logo --The Vanguard of the Eclipse-- Necrons Iron Angel Warhammer 40k 3846 N/A 05-04-2012
Army Logo -Consanguinity of Slaughter- (Updated Pics&models! Chaos Space Marines Sephyr Warhammer 40k 4169 N/A 15-11-2011
Army Logo -Da Kan Klan- Orks posthaste Warhammer 40k 2309 N/A 11-08-2011
Army Logo -Waaagh! GorkHammer- Orks AngryCanadian Warhammer 40k 5907 N/A 10-10-2011
Army Logo 111th Cadian Imperial guard BrotherAzkaellon Warhammer 40k 2685 N/A 03-04-2011
121st Cadian Imperial Guard Lord Solaar Warhammer 40k 10370 N/A 20-04-2011
Army Logo 12th Kalvador forge expeditionary force Imperial guard edd_thereaper Warhammer 40k 2691 N/A 19-04-2011
Army Logo 13th Company - PICS Space Wolves Poomba Warhammer 40k 6112 N/A 16-02-2011
143rd Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Guard silenti79 Warhammer 40k 2111 N/A 17-05-2012
Army Logo 14th Cadian [pictures-updated regularly] Imperial Guard Mikeybx Warhammer 40k 4714 N/A 03-11-2011
1500 tau starter Tau Zero Hour Warhammer 40k 1710 N/A 06-10-2011
Army Logo 1944-45 6th Grenadier Division wehrmacht Stella Cadente Disposable heroes 2860 N/A 03-03-2011
Army Logo 19th Dundarian Guard Imperial Guard Obinhi Warhammer 40k 1595 N/A 21-04-2012
1st Company 25th Cadian Regiment Imperial Guard Atillius Warhammer 40k 1694 N/A 02-10-2011
Army Logo 1st Death Company Chaos Space Marines Grimhad Warhammer 40k 1986 N/A 02-06-2014
Army Logo 1st Plague Crusade-TYPHUS LED DEATH GUARD RE-UNIFI Chaos Space Marine LurkingGoon Warhammer 40k 5008 N/A 28-02-2011
Army Logo 1st Vaughton Regiment - Vaughtons chosen human Tensho Warhammer 40k 970 N/A 28-09-2014
Army Logo 23rd Cadian Pioneers Imperial Guard wertypop Warhammer 40k 1909 N/A 21-09-2011
Army Logo 2nd Armanian main fleet Imperial navy Stella Cadente Battlefleet gothic 2825 4.4 14-02-2011
Army Logo 31st Izhevsk Shock Army Imperial Guard TheFistOfHumanity Warhammer 40k 911 N/A 18-11-2013

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