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Default Craziest GT Dice Rolls

What was the craziest or most unlikely thing to happen for or against you at the GT heats this year?

Both of my crazy 'episodes' came from my Ven Dreadnought (Las ML - no h2h arm)

In game one escalation he decided not to bother turning up for 7 turns....

Game two on sunday he managed to withstand a 6 Harlequin assault, stay locked in combat for 3 turns (including hit and run reassaults) before finally managing to beat them off. Probably winning me the game.

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Good crazy - one shot one kill-ing all of anathema's holo fdielded tanks.
Bad crazy - all my dice rolls playing against Gaz.
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good crazy - nothing really stands out
bad crazy - richard 1st shot killing a falcon 1 in 36 chance lol (i wasnt to impressed)
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mmmm crazy rolls are tough for me, its too easy for me to roll 6's

Worst roll ever is easy. Playing Grotsmeg many years ago. 7 Wounds scored on 5 Termies and a 2 wound commander in termi armour of some boltpistols. Que 7 1's and me refusing to get up off the floor (sat down in a sulk) until he apologised for been a big mean bully.

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I had some wacky luck this year.

All weekend my dreadnoughts were great and not only survived games (unusual for them) but got pretty good at busting open vehciles.

My Grand Master was amazing at shooting things (especially enemy vehicles) - but consistently failed armour saves all weekend.

The best example of this is my tau opponent fires a burst cannon from a crisis suit at him on the off-chance of doing a wound.
All shots hit, all shots wound - I roll a handful of 1's. Nice.
I might have been more upset were I not losing by miles anyway, so instead it just seemed funny at the time. (My GM obviously learned that lightweight cardboard is no replacement for ceramite, no matter how much the weight saving helps with the disco moves)

The other wacky thing from the weekend for me was my 'Emperors' Tarot' wargear which actually hurt me all weekend, by costing me the first turn in 4 of my games (Yes - I was unlucky enough to get -1 result to the first turn roll off, and when that came around, I rolled the same or just one higher than my opponent, which after all rolls were sorted then resulted in my losing first turn 4 times in one weekend thanks to that one piece of wargear.)

The tarot then made no difference to the result in the other two games where I did have the +1 (i.e. the first turn dice rolls were so far apart it made no difference.) So in essence, I spent 15 points to handicap myself for the weekend - what a buy!
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Oh, my bad crazy was definitely when my Lash Prince failed on Ld 10 to the Deceiver's 'sod off the table' power in two successive turns! Cracking game thinking about it.
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Getting 3 glancing hits against Exodites Mech Eldar over 7 turns with my BA's!

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Originally Posted by LongBeard View Post
Getting 3 glancing hits against Exodites Mech Eldar over 7 turns with my BA's!
That was quite unlucky, I would say though that it was partly down to your army as well, not just your dice rolls. The only real threat to my vehicles was your preds, which I concentrated on for most of the game to get rid of them or at least stop them shooting. The only other real threat was your attack bikes, but as you used them very defensively (you probably wanted to keep them for last minute objective grabbing) they didn't really fire at my tanks, fearing any return fire.

My luck at the heat this year was fairly average for once. I can't really think of anything that stood out as seriously above or below average. The only unit that seemed to have a slightly unlucky run was the fire dragons, but they weren't performing that badly.
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My best luck this year, Bearing in mind I was playing with 4 Land Raiders, came in 3 games:

Game 2, 6 fire dragons drop, all within 6", 2 hit 1 pen = Shaken

Game 4, 6 fire dragons drop, all within 6", 0 hit

Game 5, 3 Rail heads fire, all hit, 0 pens

They really did live charmed lives!
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