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I think that there will be massive ork hordes and nid hordes and those will be very tough to deal with, but with an army with superiour manuverablity you can win, so therefore I see Eldar or Tau taking the win =p

Wins / Draws / Losses Since release of 5th Edition.

Imperial Guard (Traitors) 1/0/1
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Its a very difficult call on what sort of lists ppl will take.

I do think that a balenced list is important in most cases.
The winner of the GT (I Hope) I think will be the one who can face any list on any deployment or misson. Or the more likely, One luckly guy will get 6 opponents that are ok for his list and gets a good dose of luck.

I cant stress more nearly any army can win a game, some will do better against other in certain situation etc.

Best players will have tactics to combat there weaknesses etc.

It is very tough to call.
Do you focus on kill points or do you focus on object based lists.
Focusing on kill points may or maynot be detremental to objective games
Whereas focusing on objectives would probably be harder in kill points.

I am really focusing on kill ppl in certain ways, for example i only have 3 anti marine weapons 3 railguns, because i want to focus on mass saves which is even more effective at horde. And I played 2 marine and one necron and won all three
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O and i think that once tau players play a range of opponents they will find marker light seriously over rated against allcomers

And skcuzzlebumm you are wrong it is only " charge attack bonus " meaning just the +1A. It says what a charge attack bonus on the opposite page

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i think people really underrate the humble firewarrior. 72 could proves troublesome in my opinion

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I think that tau are over rated. They are strong obviously, but not that great. Any army in the right hands can dominate a tournament. In the end it will come down to who can field the most unexpected army, who can combat their weaknesses and turn them into their strengths, and the needed luck.
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This year's UK GT will be very interesting indeed.

Orks look intimidating but the changes to blasts (particularly for big blasts) mean their numbers won't last all that long. Also the boys really won't like it when combats go badly.

I think Tau will remain much as they are. A good tactically challenging army that'll rely on killing opponents and hoping nothing's left to contest objectives. Auto-obscured tanks look sweet but on the downside the new vehicle damage table and shooting really reduces their old flexibility. The new missions do not seem to favour Tau if they go second. Outflanking really upsets them. Kroot are much better with the new rules. (Outflank and go to ground make them so much more versatile.)

Marines both regular and chaos I think will keep their builds pretty much the same. Blood angels could become really annoying though. (I don't like the sound of 50 odd assault marines plus death company. Doesn't Dante look sooo much better with the new rules though.)

Nids I think will change a lot. Without number has become very attractive and units like warriors are much more durable with the abundance of cover saves. Run means the slower combat stuff can now close range quicker and I'm loving my blast weapons now. Very little if anything got worse for them. (Lurk and go to ground for a 5+ cover save in the open.

Necrons I think may have gained a tank that is really now almost impossible to destroy but the new combat modifiers to moral mean I think they're going to be sorely pressed when push comes to shove. Lose by 3-4 wounds and they're likely to break and get run down. No we'll be back for them!

Eldar are still going to be horrible but they were anyway. Not as easy for them to win though. Objectives will make it a lot harder to win missions with tri-holofields and the like.

Dark eldar might actually become a lot more nasty. If they get first turn everything they can place goes on the board ready to annihilate the foe. If they go second everything goes in reserve. (Except maybe for a unit like grotesques and a character with webway portal.) I think they'll be one to watch.

The inquisition I don't see working much differently. Sisters will still be a good army and grey knights still very tricky.

Daemons were designed for 5th but from the few games I've seen they'll need a very good commander if they're to win.

These are my thoughts for the the GT.
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I'm thinking BA's will do extremely well this year. They seem to just have a great amount of versatility.
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