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Default Heresy Online Army Challenge 2011

After a years break we are going to have a army painting challenge for 2011.

The idea if for people who have problems keeping motivated when painting an army, to work towards painting a unit a month for a year, which should allow a whole 40k or Fantasy army to be created.

As with the last challenge it is important note that this is not a competition. There is no prize at the end if you complete the entire challenege. The real reward is that you will have a fully painted army.

The Challenge Rules

At the beginning of each month I am going to open a new thread for the challenge. Post a picture of the unit before it has been painted. A picture of the completely painted unit needs to be posted before the end of the month. At the end of the month the thread will be closed.

I’ll update the main thread with all people who met the challenge that month, and at the end of the challenge we can have completed army pictures posted.

There is nothing stopping you from creating your own WIP thread if you want to, but to meet the challenge you need to post a completed unit in the challenge thread. And just like gaming there is no point cheating on this, you are only cheating yourself.

The definition of a unit for this is a squad, a character, monstrous creature, a vehicle or squadron of vehicles. This can be a 40K or WHF army. The army does not have to be ‘new’, so an army that has been started is fine, just remember the point is to paint 10 or 11 units.

IMPORTANT - A change to last time is that the units need to be from the same codex/army book. So there will be no starting one army and changing half way through to another army.

Everybody entering the challenge will be allowed to have two 'Too much real life to paint!' tickets that they can use. This means you can have two months in the year where we will not expect any pictures of painted mini's. You will just need to post the ticket instead of a unit picture. I will keep trackof when these are used.

If your interested, post here and let us all know what army you are going to do. I’ll start the new thread sometime over the Christmas period.

Any question let me know.

Additional note : Please be aware that the challenge is to enter units so you can have a nicely painted army at the end. There is no hard and fast rules about what will be acceptable over the course of the challenge but you should stick to the spirit of the challenge. Do not, for example, enter 10 single minature HQ choices over 10 months and expect it to constitute an army. I will contact entrants individually if I think they are going off course so dont worry you will have plenty of warning if I think you are not sticking to the spirit of things.

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Just a quick one, I have reached the illustrious stage of undercoated, basecoated or "partially painted but in all honesty miles from even close to finished" on alot of my Eldar, this is exactly the kind of thing to move more towards the painted army nirvana I crave.

Can I start the month with partially painted models that seem to stay that way for 18months, for example I have 6 fireprisms which all have the undercoat and first layer of red - but each would take about a month of effort to finish.

If not then I will just have to paint up the poor models in an even worse state of unfinished - like my dire avengers with no arms.
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well going by the lines, "an army thats been started can used" you should be alble to bubbles.
As for the challange, i be up for with my guard (unless things get worse and they have to go) with enough unpainted and part painted units to keep me going.
And if they do come out ealy enough and i can afford em, a GK army with the new codex.
@Humakt, as you know i have a few army on the go, so i be working on all of em to try and get to a set ponits value on each, will that be ok for the challange?
if so, i be trying to get my guard finised, up to about 2000pts of orks (or both unpainted and part painted units), and then GK's if i have the cash to buy em (hopefully about 1750pts worth...........hmmm ASMoH

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I'm in. Probably keep adding to my new Chaos army for it.

I am however a hobby butterfly so this can easily change between now and next year.

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This is awesome. I started a DE army around May this year then stopped it when the Codex release was announced. As a result, I now have about 1500 points of DE sitting in various stages of disrepair all over my desk. I'd like to get that stuff finished as well as painting the new units I'll be getting.

Looking forward to this.

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Can it be a converted model?
Just because I made a STORMRAVEN!!! Yesterday and was wondering if I could enter it?

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unless Humakt has really changed the rules, then yes you can, as its part of the army your building, there was some nice conversions built in the last challange, check the thread out for more info.
Just remember it must be part of the army your building for the challange

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I might have a look at this, if I can get the down time - be looking at my Elysians.

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I'll enter, provided that red undercoated models count (my World Eaters are undercoated in Army Painter Dragon Red...), the rest are pretty much all unpainted. So yeah, I'll enter my Chaos Army into it if thats ok :D
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I'm in, I'll be doing my Iron Snakes in my sig
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