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Default Witch hunters 2000, new to army looking for criticism

1x Inquisitor Lord with inferno pistol, scourging, hammerhand, power weapon and inquisitorial mandate.
4x retinue (crusader, sage, familiar, and churigeon)
1x Cannoness with blessed weapon, cloak of St Aspira, bolt pistol, book of St. Lucius, rosarius, and bionics
10x Sisters of battle with heavy flamer and veteran with bolter, power weapon, and meltabombs,
10x Sisters of battle with flamer, heavy flamer, and veteran with bolter, power weapon, meltabombs, and purity seals
1x Vindicare assassin
9x sisters repentia with mistress, and priest with eviserator and purity seals
6x Arco flagelants
7x Seraphim 1 twin flamers, veteran with power weapon and plasma pistol
5x dominion 3 flamers, 1 storm bolter, veteran with eviserator and plasma pistol, immolator with twin heavy bolters
1x Exorcist
1x Exorcist
1x Orbital Strike with melta torpedoes
total point cost 1998
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I always try to steer new players away from Inquisitor lords. 99% of the time they're just a big point sink and never do quite what you expected them to do. Him and his required retinue is 178 points of 6"ing, mediocre, close combateness. You have to look at it this way: He wont match up to any other 178 point close combat squad. He has scourging, so there is some range, but overall I think you payed all those points for a str 5, 18inch assault weapon that wont always work.

Bionics on your Canoness isnt really worth it, you only have a 1 and 6 chance of her standing back up and she'll only have 1 wound. Why not give her a jumpack, this way she can support the dominions and the seraphim if needed, while the other squads catch up.

Take the melta bombs off you sister squad and put it on the seraphim. This is good because it really creates a dual role for them and they are your best unit in terms of mobility. Instead of melta bombs you can have 2 special wepons per sister squad, so conventional wisdom says either add another flamer to the squads or for tank busting ability add meltaguns.

I like this section of your army, but if you drop the inquisitor lord you'll still need an inquisitor to field the vindicare. So you have 2 choices either drop the inquisitorial stuff completly or add in an elite version of the inquisitor and drop one of the other 2 units in your eiltes section. If you were to go for option 2 I would suggest getting rid of the repentia and taking the priest and putting him with your dominion squad so you can still take the arcos. The cheapy inquisitor could easily be only 22 points, or you can give him a piece of wargear like the liber heresius to make him actually do something.

Not too much I can say about the fast attack, except what I said before, maybe add the melta bombs to the seraphim instead of the SoB squad.

Exorcists are great they really add some long range punch to an army that usually dosent have much. The melta Torpedos on the other hand aren't reliable enough, you cant guarantee they'll do anything to your opponent, it always scatter and unless a hit is scored it scatters double the distance the d6 reads.

Thats all I got.

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Thanks, Ill think about making some changes, dropping the meltatorpedo will give me a little more flexibility point wise to make some changes.
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drop the Inquistor Lord, the melta torpedo and the Repentia squad. For the 3rd Heavy choice take a sisters heavy squad with 4 heavy bolters and a Immolator

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