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Default First 1850 SoB, help appreciated

Saint Celestine = 115
Uriah Jacobus, Protector of the Faith = 90
Battle Convclave, Crusader x5 (Power Axes), Death Cult Assassin x4 (Power Spear & Power Sword Combo) = 135
Rhino = 35

Battle Sister Squad x 15, Flamer x2 = 195
Battle Sister Squad x 15, Flamer x2 = 195
Battle Sister Squad x 15, Flamer x2 = 195

Repentia Squad x 10 = 175
Rhino = 35
Repentia Squad x 10 = 175
Rhino = 35

Heavy Support:
Exorcist, Extra Armour, Storm Bolter = 160
Exorcist, Extra Armour, Storm Bolter = 160
Exorcist, Extra Armour = 150

= 1850
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I don't like the repentia in the rhino and the extra armour on the Excorist. What you need is more fast attack. Sister of battle fast attack is far better then their elite choices. In 6th you can't assault out of rhinos.
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Expanding on what Necrosis said a bit:

The Repentia can't actually buy their own Rhino. While they can borrow one at the same cost from the Battle Sisters you listed, they then can't start out in it, so they're out in the open at game start, potentially opening them up to a turn of fire.

As the Rhinos aren't Assault Vehicles, the Repentia also can't get out and then declare a charge that same turn (well, not in 6th, anyway) so they'll likely be taking ANOTHER turn of fire, this time from close range.

At this point, you're better off walking. Which also has them open to enemy fire, so yeah, a couple editions and a laundry list of Special Rules further and Repentia STILL can't be made to work - short of an enemy that is kind enough to 'open' the nearby Rhino for you in his turn. Any battle plan that depends on the enemy doing you a favor probably shouldn't be relied upon.

Fast attack choices, Dominions with the Scouts rule and Holy Fusillade AoF are generally better than the Elite section's Celestians (and cheaper, too).

The other FA unit is Seraphim. Mobility is fantastic, and I've yet to meet something whose day can't be ruined by four Inferno Pistols. Outfitting them with Hand Flamers works wonders on infantry blobs. They also make a great bodyguard for Celestine (but know when to leave her to fend for herself ). I'd recommend bringing a squad with Inferno Pistols, because your current list badly needs some more anti-vehicle. Yes, they're less powerful in 6th and there tend to be less around, but right now you plain CAN'T deal with any high-AV that rumbles onto the table.

Extra Armour on Exorcists is mostly useless - you want to keep them shooting far more than you want to keep them moving, and whether the crew is Shaken or Stunned they can only fire Snap Shots either way.

Stepping outside of what Necrosis already discussed:

For the Battle Conclave, while I can see why you'd want Power Axes, the models come with swords (and they're metal... )

For the normal Sisters, I'd take another look at squad sizes and weapon loadout. If you've got 10, they'll fit in a Rhino so they can get to objectives faster and safer. If you're going for a large unit that'll be hellishly difficult to shift in shooting, you might as well go all the way and grab 20.

Assuming you've already considered that, think on ditching the flamers on one squad for Meltaguns. Flamers can't handle every situation. Meltaguns can, and you've got enough bolters in a squad that you're not helpless against infantry anyway

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Repentia cannot assault the turn they exit a Rhino, so they are far more effective on foot than in a transport. This is also true of the Battle Conclave. By putting them in a transport you are literally nerfing yourself.

With that in mind, you will need to screen them with some kind of moving cover, and what better than troops inside Rhinos? For this reason I recommend reducing the squad sizes of your troops to 10 and putting them in Rhinos. Otherwise they will be easily destroyed by Leman Russ Battle Tanks, Heldrake's Baleflamer, Plasma cannons and all sorts of other nasty weapons.

If you need some tips on converting your Crusaders to have Power axes instead of swords, check out my Inquisition project thread and shoot me a message or post in the thread if you'de like a tutorial.

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