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Default Mass firefight fun w/ IG!

So I have been building two seperate Guard killteams in a bit of an unconventional manner. You see, I am a prior military man myself and have always loved everything tactical. I have found that by creating a larger almost un-killteams army you can play with real-world military tactics! Much fun, I recommend that you try this out.
I will give the list that I use in both armies then touch briefly on both of them afterwards.

Platoon Command Squad
Plt Commander*
Sniper (Stealth)
Mortar Team
Squad A (8 Models, 1 hvy team)
Flamer (Feel No Pain)
Heavy Bolter
Squad B (8 Models, 1 hvy team)
Heavy Bolter (Relentless)

* House rules are used to dictate that ALL units within 6" of the Commander can receive orders, and ALL units within 6" of the Medipack receive FNP

So thats the list and a couple of house rules to make it more enjoyable. I recommend playing 3'x3' tables with as much terrain as possible. I love the urban settings personally. Perhaps I will post some pics of what these games look like and such. The sniper and mortar team make for some really cool cinamatic battles, and provide some great conversion/modelling opportunities. I have 2 armies that are build with this list, one is Cadian and the other is Renegade Militia. Both armies are mostly forge world and converted and look great tearing each other apart in bombed out ruins.
Thoughts, ideas, suggestions, insults even...all feedback is welcome, enjoy!

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