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Default Non-Death Company, Death Company Army

I know the title is a bit confusing. But a few days ago at like 4 am I came to an epiphany. I want to change the color scheme of my Blood Angels. I want to paint the entire army in Death Company colors. Now you may ask why on earth would I do that. Well the answer is quite simple. The fluff that I came up with for my army was that Legio Angelus Mortis was still mourning the death of their blessed primarch Sanguinius. So this chapter is ALL on the verge of the Black Rage. It is only a matter of time before they succum to the rage so they don the black armor of the Death Company in preperation of the thirst permantly overtaking them. Now the army will include real DCs so in order to make them different I will paint the ring around the base red. Plus I also will be doing this for sheer psychological warfare. I mean who wouldn't shite themselves seeing that much DC on the table. I am in the process of repainting the models that are needing the transformation. Working on my termies rtight now. As soon as I have finished some of them I will post here with pics. So tell me what ya'll think of this idea.

Please level my Daemons I want them to grow up and be fierce.
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