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Chaos Bomb
> Here is the basic Idea, or how many of them work.
> HQ
> (155) DP: Wings, MoS, LoSub.
> (155) DP: Wings, MoS, LoSub.
> Speedy assaults and to set up enemy units.
> Tr
> (243) 8 Khorne Berzerkers: Skull Champ with PF, mounted in Rhino.
> (243) 8 Khorne Berzerkers: Skull Champ with PF, mounted in Rhino.
> Loads of attacks, speed and/or mobile terrain, and the PF's to give them a
chance on any target.
> FA
> (250) 9 Raptors: Asp Champ with PF, IoCG, 2 Melta-Guns.
> Tough as nails, fast to go with the DP's, etc, and again the PF to make sure that they have a chance on any target, their almost Fearless, and they can drop armour as well with their shooting.
> HS
> (150) 2 Obilits
> (150) 2 Obilits
> (150) 2 Obilits
> This is simply one of the cheapest, dirtiest things to
provide loads of supporting fire (to deal with Armour, etc).
> Total 1496, 8 Scoring Units.
> Tactics.
> Use the Speed of the army to get where needed early, or use the Rhinos as Mobile terrain while the Oblits take out priority targets. The LoSub sets the enemy where needed for shooting/assault purposes and should generally get me in CC on turn 2 (hopefully) or at least bunch the enemy units to shoot, or even just push them around to remove their Assault/shooting potential. Now I know that Escalation would hamper this army (a Lot) and things like the Runes of Warding could hurt (a Lot)....

Does that help to clear up what the Average Chaos Bomb comprises of (dirty tricks that allow Chaos to exploit the strengths and thrust the enemy right inot the waiting hands of Chaos ?

Now the list above is actually tame, as the list you showed with Eldar is tame... If the Chaos list were to be truely competative, it would use 2 Solid squads of Plague Marines, 2 squads of Thousand sons Terminators, 2 Defilers, and the 2 Lash DP's.... As it can cut off the table "Uber" quickly and then herde the enemy as needed to plogh through... This is one of the reasons that I strongly advice in favour of the Runes of Warding to shut down psykers, and Eldar should always be focused on synergy, not individual unit strengths or capabilities.

I hope that clears things up, and sorry if I look at things from a competitive standpoint instead of Themed... Its just that I actually think you can combine the two if your serious.

Cheers and Happy Gaming.

Oh and since I have been asked to not write in Red Ink (Some people finding it offensive) which I did for "Fluff" reasons; Saim-Hann being my principle army. Anyway, just to let others know, I personnnally don't find coloured writing offensive, but I do dislike overuse of profanity, and/or poor grammer & spelling

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